Not Standing Pat
Robert Kraft helps local school program Breakthrough get Chromebooks
Barry Chin/Globe Staff
Breakthrough Greater Boston has been operating an out-of-school academic advancement program for underserved children in Cambridge since 1992, and more recently in Boston. As technology has been becoming ever more important in education, programs like Breakthrough have found it a challenge to offer students technologies that are standard at more well-funded private organizations. Read More
After Segway
Getting advanced prosthetics to those who need them
Dean Kamen shakes hands with “Luke,” the robotic arm developed by his company, DEKA. (Photo from DEKA)
For the past eight years, in an old mill building in Manchester, N.H., a team of engineers has been developing what you might call the Tesla of artificial limbs. The DEKA Arm System, about the same size and weight of an adult’s arm, can pick up an egg from a carton or a credit card from a desk. Read More
A good day for Openbay
Need auto repair? Openbay's service wins 'App of the Year'
Openbay's Rob Infantino at the MassTLC Awards
Openbay, an app that lets users get the best deals for auto repairs and pay for the service through the application, is quietly building an industry leading marketplace that could help car owners, repair shops, auto part distributors, and growing industries that rely on working fleets of automobiles. Last night, the Cambridge company was acknowledged for its auto industry innovation, winning MassTLC's "App of the Year" award at the organizations annual Leadership Awards event. (For the entire list of winners, check here.) Read More
not so fast
Net neutrality supporters are breaking the FCC comment system, again
One day after major tech companies like Kickstarter, Netflix, Reddit, and others,  staged a Web-wide protest against a proposed move to give telecom providers “fast lanes,” the number of people writing in about the "open Internet" and net neutrality has overwhelmed the comment receivers at the Federal Communications Commission. Read More
California dreamin'
Transplant to West Coast says it's still better for fundraising than the East
If you're a Boston entrepreneur, you've probably thought about moving to California at least once or twice—admit it. Of course, some actually go through with it. I recently caught up with a couple of those who've made the move from Boston to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to ask them about their experience of trading the East Coast for West. Read More
Winner, Winner
TechCrunch Disrupt has a very Boston flavor this year
Marcela Sapone delivered a winning pitch for Alfred at Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition.
So TechCrunch's annual Disrupt conference is either still the premier national tech conference or a shell of its former greatness, depending on whom you listen to. Featured prominently in HBO's show Silicon Valley this year, one thing is undeniable about TechCrunch Disrupt: it is still a kingmaker of sorts. Read More
Walk on
'Wearable robot' from Harvard scores DARPA funding, New Balance partnership
Credit: Harvard's Wyss Institute
A soft, wearable exoskeleton under construction has received a $2.9 million shot of funding from DARPA, Harvard University and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Design announced Thursday. Also, New Balance, Boston maker of 3D printed shoes, will be a collaborator on the "wearable robot" project going forward. Read More