The power of mobile
Jana Mobile creating a new currency for emerging markets
(Image via Jana Mobile)
I've heard Jana Mobile described as many things: a mobile ad platform, a new marketing framework, an organization changing the lives of people in emerging markets like India and Nigeria. However, the truly best way to describe the company, which you don't hear too often, is that Jana is the catalyst for a new global currency. Read More
The innovation destination
Innovation Diplomacy: World comes to Greater Boston to learn innovation from MIT
MIT Innovation Initiative logo
By Fiona Murray and Phil Budden At a recent MIT gala dinner sixteen international teams (and many of Boston’s Consuls) assembled to learn about innovation: in an important sense, MIT became a diplomatic destination, and - as MIT Chancellor Grimson put it - truly the "world has come to Greater Boston" to learn about the practice of innovation at this world-class institution. Read More
Next steps
RunKeeper launches 'life tracking' app Breeze to make Fitbit irrelevant
(Courtesy of RunKeeper)
Boston’s RunKeeper today debuts a new mobile app that aims to help motivate you to move yourself even when you’re not working out. While the idea is simple — a step counter paired with well-timed push notifications to help you hit daily goals — the company aspires to make wearables from the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone no longer necessary. Read More
Antenna anxiety
Aereo tries to sway sentiment ahead of Supreme Court hearing
Days before facing a hearing in the US Supreme Court, Aereo Inc. has made a new bid to swing public opinion in its favor over its business of streaming television shows over the Web. The company, which has its engineering offices in Boston, on Thursday debuted a new website that advocates for its cause as the broadcast industry tries to convince the Supreme Court to shut down its business. Read More
Global Biz Hub
BU PRLab hosts second PRoBono event
PRLab probono
By Brianna Vieira On April 11 to April 12, Boston University's student-run PR agency, PRLab, teamed up with BU's student-run ad agency, AdLab, to host the second PRoBono event. Other on-campus organizations joined the event as well including Ad Club, BU’s Public Relations Student Society of America, the COMmunicator (the official newsletter of the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, run entirely by students), and Open Web (an on-campus web development group devoted to creating websites for nonprofit organizations). Read More
Rita's Career Corner
Manage your time before it manages you
By Rita B. Allen We all know change is the only constant in today’s market and economy. Everyone is doing more with less and under tremendous pressure with competing demands and priorities. It is basic knowledge that effective time management is critical for success in work and life yet we do not always take the time (pun intended) or make the commitment to devote our attention to this necessity. Read More
Gaming gurus
Videogame veteran Jeff Goodsill signs on with independent publisher Gameblyr
An image from Third Eye Crime, a new mobile game from Moonshot Games, being published by Gameblyr.
A videogame industry veteran who helped deliver hit titles like "Titan Quest," "NASCAR Racing 4," and "Age of Empires II" is joining a fledgling indie games publisher founded last year, Gameblyr. Jeff Goodsill, who was previously founder and general manager of Stomp Games in Concord, recently signed on with Boston-based Gameblyr as its president and chief product officer. Read More
Robots in (Organic) Spaces
New MIT algorithm to help robots navigate complex environments and landscapes
Stata Center at MIT
Navigating a city like Manhattan is relatively straightforward, given that all the streets run parallel or at right angles, but all bets are off when it comes to more organic cities like Cambridge, which tend to have more curves and constraints. MIT’s maze-like Stata Center is a prime example of where the “Manhattan Assumption,” which assumes all planes are parallel or oriented in the same direction, can’t be applied, says Julian Straub, a second-year MIT graduate student. So to make it easier for robots navigate non-standard landscapes, Straub developed an algorithm to identify the major orientations in 3D scenes. Read More
Writings on the Wall
IdeaPaint targets architect and design sector for growth
ideapaint copy
Earlier this month, IdeaPaint, the Boston-based maker of "high-performance" dry erase paint announced that it has expanded its sales force in efforts to better service architects, designers, and contractors. The need to expand its direct sales team is a response to the high-demand for the company's products, which can turn almost any wall (or smooth surface) into what the company calls an "erasable canvas." Read More