Robots in (Organic) Spaces
New MIT algorithm to help robots navigate complex environments and landscapes
Stata Center at MIT
Navigating a city like Manhattan is relatively straightforward, given that all the streets run parallel or at right angles, but all bets are off when it comes to more organic cities like Cambridge, which tend to have more curves and constraints. MIT’s maze-like Stata Center is a prime example of where the “Manhattan Assumption,” which assumes all planes are parallel or oriented in the same direction, can’t be applied, says Julian Straub, a second-year MIT graduate student. So to make it easier for robots navigate non-standard landscapes, Straub developed an algorithm to identify the major orientations in 3D scenes. Read More
Writings on the Wall
IdeaPaint targets architect and design sector for growth
ideapaint copy
Earlier this month, IdeaPaint, the Boston-based maker of "high-performance" dry erase paint announced that it has expanded its sales force in efforts to better service architects, designers, and contractors. The need to expand its direct sales team is a response to the high-demand for the company's products, which can turn almost any wall (or smooth surface) into what the company calls an "erasable canvas." Read More
Fenway Ticket Tech
Ticketing secrets you don't know about make seeing, and sharing, the Red Sox easier
Red Sox Rewards being used to watch an inning inside of the Green Monster.
The Red Sox have really been making a big push to modernize the game experience for fans. Recently, they launched a rewards program that offers some unique experiences to season ticket holders. Through the Red Sox Rewards program, season ticket holders are given a card that can act as a ticket, can be used to make purchases at Fenway, and acts as a way to earn points that can be used towards meeting players, playing a game on the field, or watching a game from owner John Henry's seats. Read More
Dogs in Thought showcases hero working dogs, others to benefit animal welfare
Bushido, Boston K9 unit (courtesy Mitch Weiss)
[The We are the Creative Industries series: The Creative Industries - video game companies, design, marketing and architecture firms, and talented people who write books, design houses, shoot movies, make art and record music, just to name a few examples - are an important part of Massachusetts' economy, with $1 billion statewide impact and over 100,000 workers. Click here to learn more.] Dogs in Thought beautifully captures the individual personalities of 60 house and working dogs through the fine art photography of visual artist Mitch Weiss. In photos and words, the book celebrates the stories of many remarkable animals such as Bushido, a member of the Boston Police K9 Unit who worked a 12-hour shift sniffing for bombs during last year's Boston Marathon bombing, and Shifty, who served in Afghanistan and now works as a bomb dog with the MBTA. Read More