Fill-in-the-blank forecasting
Mad Libs predictions: What Boston techies and investors expect in 2015
Google's latest self-driving vehicle prototype.
Crowdsourcing — the new coinage for “getting other people to do your work” — was one of the business world’s big trends in 2014. And this week, I’m milking it for all it’s worth. Instead of coming up with my own predictions for the year ahead, I created a list of fill-in-the-blank statements and sent them to a bunch of local digerati. Crowdsourcing in action! Read More
Harvard Professor George Church and the future of genomics
George Church, is a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School. Photo: Wendy Maeda, Globe Staff
George Church is the Robert Winthrop professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and has the largest research lab at Harvard University. He sat down to discuss his efforts to bring back the wooly mammoth, why his Personal Genome Project will advance genetic research, and why he thinks we should all get our genome sequenced. Read More
The Download
The Download: Dr. Michael Docktor of Boston Children's Hospital
Dr. Michael Docktor demonstrates one of the medical apps he frequently uses during work at Boston Children's Hospital. Photo: Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe
Dr. Michael Docktor -- yes, his name is Dr. Docktor -- is a gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital who also acts as clinical director of innovation and the director of clinical mobile solutions. Each day at work, he tests the devices designed to improve our health care system. Here he shares his daily digital habits with the Download. Read More
Boston's Innovation History
60 years ago today, a Brigham surgeon kickstarted the field of organ transplantation
Dr. Joseph E. Murray, at center facing camera, is seen performing the first successful organ transplant on Dec. 23, 1954, at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. Brigham and Women's Hospital Photo
Dec 23, 1954. Sixty years ago today, at 9:53 in the morning, 23-year-old Ronald Herrick's healthy left kidney arrived in the main operating room at the the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital — now Brigham and Women's Hospital. On the operating table lay Ronald's identical twin brother, Richard, in the throes of renal failure. Read More
Teikametrics helps merchants figure out what to stock — and how to price it
Teikametrics is one of those behind-the-scenes players that may have been involved in some of your online gift-buying this month. The Boston-based startup offers analytic services to companies that sell goods on — including local firms like Newbury Comics and Aubuchon Hardware. Among the questions Teikametrics can answer: How much inventory should a seller stock at various Amazon fulfillment centers to ensure quick delivery, anywhere in the world. Read More
Beacon Hill pop-up retailer is a group effort...offline
The shop on the corner of 111 Charles St. in Beacon Hill seemed to appear out of nowhere earlier this month. It was, until recently, an empty storefront, but for the past few weeks this holiday season, it’s been a bustling retail hub with all the trappings of a classic menswear shop, including a bust of a buck sporting some fancy neckwear and a live Christmas tree hung from the ceiling. Read More
Better, faster, stronger
Woods Hole to receive $5 million to build better underwater robots
No one lives in this yellow submarine -- Sentry is just a companion robot that sometimes joins Alvin, the human-occupied submersible (painted red) on expeditions. (Photo: WHOI)
The Bay State has a soft spot for underwater robots. On Friday, Massachusetts officials gathered at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to announce a $5 million grant that will expand the center's robotics research facility over the next five years. The grant will fund new test tanks, a pressure testing space for deep sea robots, and a fabrication shop with a desktop 3-D printer for prototyping parts for new machines at WHOI's Center for Marine Robotics. Read More
No love for Bluetooth bracelet
Connected jewelry startup Magnet will head west to try to raise money
Alexander List's startup HeadTalk IO is a member of TechStars Boston.
Magnet co-founder and CEO Alexander List is moving to San Francisco to try to raise money for the startup, which was part of the most recent class of the Techstars Boston entrepreneurship program. The company, previously known as Headtalk IO, had been running a Kickstarter campaign that sought to raise $60,000 to produce the first batch of Magnet bracelets. But the startup hadn't hit that goal by the time the clock ran out last week — which in Kickstarter-land means no dough. Read More
Speak Easy
Quest game 'Subverses' lets you learn a language while playing a spy
Subverses, a spy quest that you can play on your iPhone, forces you to pick up new language skills as you navigate the levels of the game. (Screenshot: Subverses)
Blaine Stillerman tried to hack Spanish the usual way — with book exercises and college classes through his sophomore year. But it wasn't until he landed an internship with a shipping company in Buenos Aires, working with colleagues who spoke only a few words of English, that he saw his sputtering Spanish skills finally kick into high gear. Read More