Bytes & Brews
Join BetaBoston in Kendall Square for our first Bytes & Brews event
We only launched a little over a month ago, but so far we've been excited to bring the news about what is happening in the Boston tech and innovation community to a wider (and often more national) audience. Now the team here at BetaBoston wants to build a deeper bond with our local readers and other members of Boston's innovation economy, and nothing beats that then getting together over a drink. Read More
Social Media Mayor
Mayor Walsh doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow
Walsh Reddit
Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., Boston Mayor Martin Walsh will join a prestigious list that includes President Barack Obama, Bill Murray, Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion if you were born after the year 1999), Woody Harrelson, and the great Scott Stapp. Walsh will be doing a Reddit "Ask Me Anything," an online question and answer forum on Reddit that allows anyone to ask, well, anything they want of the person on the other side of the AMA.  Read More
Water Cooler Gossip
Are you that person in your office? 9 tips to keep your reputation intact
Scene from Office Space (Credit: Van Redin / 20th Century Fox)
By Christina Luconi Being in my field, I get to be part of celebrating the very best of people in the workplace… excitement about new jobs, promotions, raises, new leadership opportunities. I also get to witness some of the poorest judgment in decision making I've ever seen made by adults. Below are some of the ones I've seen multiple times in multiple companies – and my thoughts about how to avoid making similar mistakes yourself. Read More
Higher Ed's Open Platform
Boundless wants to do to textbooks what Wikipedia did to encyclopedias

This morning, Boundless, the Boston-based ed tech company that has shaken up the college textbook industry by offering electronic textbook alternatives at a lower cost, announced that it is launching a cloud-based platform to make educational content more widely accessible.

More access to information — sound familiar? Isn't that what Wikipedia is built on?  Read More

Party planning
Second Boston TechJam block party set for June 12th
Boston's tech community block party is getting bigger in its second year. TechJam organizer Mark Lorion tells me that the event, slated for June 12th, could more than double in size from 2013. It's also moving to a more central location: City Hall Plaza and Faneuil Hall. Last year's inaugural event was held on a former parking lot on Northern Avenue and District Hall next door. Read More
Lean technique
7 Ways to Achieve Lean Success
Swipely's New Office
By Stephen MacIntyre Years ago, Harold A. "Red" Poling was the CEO of Ford Motor Company and, according to an account in the book Toyota Culture, asked Fujio Cho, the then-head of Toyota's U.S. manufacturing operations, for a tour of a Toyota plant. The Ford executive showed up with a team and spent hours inspecting the plant but was disappointed that he hadn't witnessed some super-automated factory, nor learned why Toyota was so successful at producing automobiles. Read More