Towards savvy social shopping
Note to retailers: Holiday shopping deals need a desperate overhaul
Photo: EPA
As the holiday shopping days dwindle, it's time to rethink the way retailers target shoppers. As Taryn Luna reported in the Globe, Black Friday is dead. For those of you who have participated in the annual shopping debacle, you will no doubt agree that outside of the periodic deal, the occasion remains trapped in a time-freeze, with long lines, irate consumers, long treks through cold parking lots, only to discover that the items you wanted were not available. That’s a lot of frustration to bear even if it is for one night. Read More
LinkedIn for Sports Fans?
Fancred adds new features to its all-in-one fan experience platform
Fancred, the Boston-based website and mobile app that lets sports fans connect and share content on their favorite teams, announced a new product update this week called "Your Fancred." As the company explained it, the update creates a new way to store, share, and relive your sports memories online. After talking to Fancred chief executive Hossein Kash Razzaghi, it seems as if Your Fancred is a step towards the company becoming a full-featured, sports-focused social media brand. Read More
Global Good
MIT and the shortcut to Nirvana
A team from MIT visits a Kumbh site. Photo via Ramesh Raskar.
It is the largest religious gathering on earth. The colorful and chaotic Kumbh Mela, (Kumbh, for short), a triennial event hosted by one of India’s four second-tier cities, draws devotees by the millions. Now, thanks to Ramesh Raskar, a MIT Media Lab professor whose hometown, Nashik, is the venue for upcoming Kumbh, it has drawn tech-minded folks from Boston as well. Read More
Just keep swimming
Navy's 'Silent NEMO' project tests Boston robotic fish for stealth ops
Boston Engineering's 'GhostSwimmer' robot can stealthily navigate cramped spaces. The Navy tested it off Virginia Beach last week.  (Image: US Navy)
A robotic fish called the GhostSwimmer made by Boston Engineering successfully completed a series of maneuvers led by the US Office of Naval Research last week. "I can’t tell you exactly what they wanted us to do," Mark Smithers, chief technology officer at Boston Engineering, said. "We were able to do something that [we weren't] able to do prior [to that] and we did it successfully multiple times." Read More
on-call online
Telehealth platform American Well announces $80 million Series C funding
American Well allows doctors and patients to connect via mobile apps. Photos: American Well
American Well, a Boston-based company which provides on-demand telehealth connectivity between doctors and patients, announced an $80 million Series C round on Tuesday. The funds not only exceeded their expectations, but will provide the company with further opportunities to work alongside health care providers to deliver the best possible care to patients, said Dr. Ido Schoenberg, the company's co-founder and chairman. Read More
Fold along the dotted line
High-res map of the human genome reveals DNA origami
Among the many marvels of the code of life is a singular feat of mechanical engineering: Each cell contains two meters of stringy DNA packed into a nucleus that's 100 times smaller than a pinhead. Getting all that DNA into the nucleus might evoke images of tangled cords of christmas lights. But in reality, the strands are arranged in surprisingly organized loops at specific locations, researchers have found. They call it "DNA origami" for the predictable pattern that they see across a variety of cell types.   Read More