Closing the gap
The scientifically (un)proven way to work with female entrepreneurs
One of the hardest things about the issues women are facing in tech these days is that there are some solutions to the mess, but nobody is talking about them. We’re all talking about the Tinder Travesty, the Berlin Deal, and a multitude of other Sexism-in-Tech debacles, but isn't it time to figure out some work-arounds? Read More
Beyond HubSpot
HubSpot's Mike Volpe joins board of software firm Repsly
(Image via HubSpot)
One of the ripple effects of HubSpot's filing of paperwork to go public this week is the potential for a lot of people — many who worked at the company in its early years and then moved on to other projects — to cash in on the equity they earned from helping build the inbound marketing giant. As the company has shown again and again, it is more than willing to play an active role in Boston's startup ecosystem; whether by "graduating" employees to their next venture or giving discounts and special access to HubSpot products for local startups. Read More
Face-to-face > Facebook
Americans would rather debate politics IRL than online
Twitter helped rally crowds in Tahrir Square and Gezi Park, but when it comes to debating political topics, Americans are more likely to connect offline than on social media. Those are the results of a new study that surveyed US residents about how and when they talked to friends and colleagues about tracking by the NSA and Edward Snowden. Read More
Upgrading your weekend
WiGo aspires to be the app that coordinates social life on campus
WiGo founder and CEO Ben Kaplan, left, with co-founder and CTO Giuliano Giacaglia. (Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston.)
It's one of the enduring questions of campus life: What's everyone doing tonight? An app born on the campus of Holy Cross in Worcester, WiGo, wants to provide a visual answer, showing you photos of friends who plan to go out, and letting you "tap" others you'd like to encourage to come along. Read More