George LeVines
George LeVines
George is a regular contributor to BetaBoston. Find him pestering public officials and scouring documents at the public records news service MuckRock. He also dabbles in photography and webdesign over here. Time your meals correctly and you might find him working a certain science-themed bar and grill in Central Square. He lives by Gift of the Wind at the northmost crossing of Red and Purple.

Stories by George LeVines

Smile and say Cheese
Do selfies and smartphones belong in museums? Many curators say yes.
Today is #MuseumSelfie day, an annual happening started by a group of clever museum professionals last year. And though it's not like they needed an excuse to hold up their phones and pose, Bostonians are already doing their part to contribute — even Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers has chimed in. But the presence of tech within such hallowed halls belies a broader question that museums across the country are grappling with. For these keepers of history, what's the best way to integrate cutting edge tech onto their exhibit floors? Read More
The abuse in your pocket
As domestic abuse goes digital, shelters turn to counter-surveillance with Tor
Tor Privacy Womens Shelter
Sarah's abuser gained access to every password she had. He monitored her bank accounts and used her phone to track her location and read her conversations. She endured four years of regular physical and emotional trauma enabled by meticulous digital surveillance and the existing support services, from shelters to police, were almost powerless to help her. Read More