Nidhi Subbaraman
Nidhi Subbaraman
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Nidhi Subbaraman is a staff writer at BetaBoston, reporting on science, research, technology, and any combination of those. Before this, Subbaraman covered science and tech at Her work has also appeared online at MIT Technology Review, Fast Company, New Scientist, Nature News, and others. She hearts robots.

Stories by Nidhi Subbaraman

Material world
Solar-powered charger, cooler buildings, better indoor gardens emerge from MIT science competition
SolarStruct created a foldable solar-powered phone charger that can fit inside a backpack.
School kids at soccer practice could use solar panels lying out in the field to charge their smartphones. A mix-in for concrete could keep buildings cooler longer, cutting the cost of air conditioning. A gel that dries to a crisp could soak up water and swell, transforming into a single-layer, mess-free base on which you can grow a garden indoors. These are the visions of a better world from emerging engineers tackled at MADMEC, the annual design competition hosted by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. Read More
trainspotting today
Real-time phone and smartwatch MBTA tracker apps win at 'Late Night T' hackathon
FuzzMap, a real-time tracker of buses and MBTA carriages in Boston, was a winner at the Late Night T hackathon held last week.
A hackathon organized by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the MBTA, and MassTech jump-started the development of a new crop of apps for public transit in Greater Boston. The results, presented in Cambridge last week, included a tracker for the Pebble smartwatch and a real-time subway tracker for the Windows phone.  Read More
not so fast
Net neutrality supporters are breaking the FCC comment system, again
One day after major tech companies like Kickstarter, Netflix, Reddit, and others,  staged a Web-wide protest against a proposed move to give telecom providers “fast lanes,” the number of people writing in about the "open Internet" and net neutrality has overwhelmed the comment receivers at the Federal Communications Commission. Read More
Walk on
'Wearable robot' from Harvard scores DARPA funding, New Balance partnership
Credit: Harvard's Wyss Institute
A soft, wearable exoskeleton under construction has received a $2.9 million shot of funding from DARPA, Harvard University and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Design announced Thursday. Also, New Balance, Boston maker of 3D printed shoes, will be a collaborator on the "wearable robot" project going forward. Read More