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Water Cooler Gossip
Are you that person in your office? 9 tips to keep your reputation intact
Scene from Office Space (Credit: Van Redin / 20th Century Fox)
By Christina Luconi Being in my field, I get to be part of celebrating the very best of people in the workplace… excitement about new jobs, promotions, raises, new leadership opportunities. I also get to witness some of the poorest judgment in decision making I've ever seen made by adults. Below are some of the ones I've seen multiple times in multiple companies – and my thoughts about how to avoid making similar mistakes yourself. Read More
Lean technique
7 Ways to Achieve Lean Success
Swipely's New Office
By Stephen MacIntyre Years ago, Harold A. "Red" Poling was the CEO of Ford Motor Company and, according to an account in the book Toyota Culture, asked Fujio Cho, the then-head of Toyota's U.S. manufacturing operations, for a tour of a Toyota plant. The Ford executive showed up with a team and spent hours inspecting the plant but was disappointed that he hadn't witnessed some super-automated factory, nor learned why Toyota was so successful at producing automobiles. Read More
The innovation destination
Innovation Diplomacy: World comes to Greater Boston to learn innovation from MIT
REAP logo pattern copy 2
By Fiona Murray and Phil Budden At a recent MIT gala dinner sixteen international teams (and many of Boston’s Consuls) assembled to learn about innovation: in an important sense, MIT became a diplomatic destination, and - as MIT Chancellor Grimson put it - truly the "world has come to Greater Boston" to learn about the practice of innovation at this world-class institution. Read More
Global Biz Hub
BU PRLab hosts second PRoBono event
PRLab probono
By Brianna Vieira On April 11 to April 12, Boston University's student-run PR agency, PRLab, teamed up with BU's student-run ad agency, AdLab, to host the second PRoBono event. Other on-campus organizations joined the event as well including Ad Club, BU’s Public Relations Student Society of America, the COMmunicator (the official newsletter of the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, run entirely by students), and Open Web (an on-campus web development group devoted to creating websites for nonprofit organizations). Read More
Rita's Career Corner
Manage your time before it manages you
By Rita B. Allen We all know change is the only constant in today’s market and economy. Everyone is doing more with less and under tremendous pressure with competing demands and priorities. It is basic knowledge that effective time management is critical for success in work and life yet we do not always take the time (pun intended) or make the commitment to devote our attention to this necessity. Read More
Dogs in Thought showcases hero working dogs, others to benefit animal welfare
Bushido, Boston K9 unit (courtesy Mitch Weiss)
[The We are the Creative Industries series: The Creative Industries - video game companies, design, marketing and architecture firms, and talented people who write books, design houses, shoot movies, make art and record music, just to name a few examples - are an important part of Massachusetts' economy, with $1 billion statewide impact and over 100,000 workers. Click here to learn more.] Dogs in Thought beautifully captures the individual personalities of 60 house and working dogs through the fine art photography of visual artist Mitch Weiss. In photos and words, the book celebrates the stories of many remarkable animals such as Bushido, a member of the Boston Police K9 Unit who worked a 12-hour shift sniffing for bombs during last year's Boston Marathon bombing, and Shifty, who served in Afghanistan and now works as a bomb dog with the MBTA. Read More
All in favor...
Emerging trend: Mass. debating tech community swells with events
Massachusetts has long been a home for avid debaters. Look no further than Faneuil Hall in Boston for the famous painting of orator Daniel Webster as proof of how strongly rooted that heritage is. Look presently to our public schools and the great work being done by the Boston Debate League to give our youth a valuable skill set. But perhaps most interesting and relevant to regular readers here is what may be the start of the debate event trend in the tech community. Read More
Creative Industries
How virtual design tells brand stories better
[Courtesy Neoscape]
By Robert MacLeod When the Blackstone Group was ready to market what had been the New York Times's headquarters since 1913, the real estate investment firm had a specific tenant in mind – namely, Yahoo! -- to occupy the spacious building on West 43rd Street in Manhattan. So instead of renovating a floor and installing ping pong tables and sleek collaboration pods to appeal to the technology company, the above rendering happened. Read More
Women in the workforce
Be authentic, find your voice to help close the gender pay gap
FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg speaks at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council annual meeting. (Photo by Wendy Maeda/Globe staff)
By Jane Freedman On April 9, 2013 (nationally known as Equal Pay Day), former mayor Tom Menino announced the formation of the Women's Workforce Council to address the issue of gender pay inequity in Boston, and declared 2013 the year of the woman. In October of 2013, the Council published a report, Boston Closing the Wage Gap: Becoming the Best City in America for Working Women, with their findings and recommendations about steps that can be taken by local businesses to close the gender pay gap. Read More
Business advice
Trust: An old concept relevant to cutting edge businesses
By Christopher Walsh Whether you are a homeowner, parent, professional or student, there is one thing you can bank on: Something will always go wrong. The real problem isn't having a problem, it's finding someone you trust to help you solve it. You can certainly search the Internet and look at online reviews, but that technique has many flaws. Read More
Work on the go
Blue Cross shows how to move towards the mobile office
[Photo courtesy Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts}
By Emily Klein Flexible workspaces, hydration stations, destination lounges - sounds like the typical environment of a startup or one of the fantastic coworking and business incubators that have been seeded across Cambridge or Boston. But surprisingly in this instance, it’s not. It’s the mobile office future of one of The Boston Globe’s Top Places To Work, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Blue Cross is embracing mobile office concepts as it plans to move its Boston offices from the historic Landmark Center building to 101 Huntington Avenue in 2015. Many are looking forward to what that future holds. Read More