Genius bar

House of Genius brings candid advice sessions for startups to Boston


If you’re a promising startup looking for advice from someone who's been there before you, there are plenty of options in Boston.

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Cyber insecurity

Apple investigating after celeb photo hack


Apple is investigating claims that iCloud was hacked, leading to the theft and posting of nude photos of several celebrities. Read More


Sharing economy

Cab sharing could be exactly this great: MIT’s Senseable City Lab


The urban living experts at MIT’s Senseable City Lab have mathematically modeled the benefits of sharing a cab using the 150 million trips by more than 13,000 New York City cabs in 2011. 

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Image from The Boston Globe via DC Comics

Hear me Roar

You learn something new every day – Boston’s badass tech women


There has been a lot written lately about how truly brutal it can be for women in tech. Read More

About us: Eric Elbot

Masters of deception

Their machine will tell if you’re friend or foe, they say


Veritas Scientific Corporation is — well, it must be — the rare company with technology that surpasses the limitations of what scientists understand. Veritas is all about deception. In the promotional video here, Veritas Scientific's founder and CEO Eric Fenn Elbot says that he "started reading incredible research about how to detect brain waves to detect deception, and how to use brain waves to go beyond that, to even, perhaps, be able to identify friend from foe." Therefore, he went into business. Read More

Employees at Keystone Tower Systems work on a piece of a wind turbine at Greentown Labs in Somerville. (Adam Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

The third Hub

In Somerville, shuttered factory now a center of innovation

The obituary of the Ames Safety Envelope Company was written in February 2010. The Somerville company had grown to about 600 employees in the mid-20th century, making sturdy envelopes, boxes, and file folders for medical records. But as the world started going digital, its business shrank, and eventually Ames was bought by a Wisconsin company rolling up similar manufacturers. Read More

Project Wing's custom "tail-sitter" crafts hover vertically while making a drop-off.

it's a bird, it's a plane

Ex-Google delivery drones head Nicholas Roy on takeoffs and hurdles


Google announced Project Wing, a prototype drone delivery system, on Thursday, joining Amazon and Facebook in an out-and-out race to conquer the skies. 

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Jeff Glass (left) and Jim Crowley (right)


Jeff Glass leaving Skyhook; Jim Crowley to be CEO


Boston tech veteran Jeff Glass is stepping down from his role as chief executive at wireless positioning innovator Skyhook Wireless. He will stay on as a member of the company's advisory board. In a company blog post, Skyhook also announced that Jim Crowley, who has been the president of Skyhook under Glass's tenure, will be stepping into the role of chief executive officer. Read More