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Twitter invests $10 million in MIT’s new Laboratory for Social Machines

Social Media

Twitter is investing $10 million in a new group at the MIT Media Lab that will study human behavior and events on social media. The five-year grant will come with access to the Twitter firehose, and historical data going back to the first tweet ever sent.  Read More


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Where are Boston’s most creative places? #TellBeta


My desk is a creative dead-zone. There, I've said it. I find my best ideas on the move, when I'm strolling to the T from a meeting, or just going for a walk along the Charles—of course, when my keyboard is safely out of reach. We want hear about the places around town you head to for inspiration: Those hotspots you seek out to shake out of a funk or wrestle down a knotty problem. Read More

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Learning machines

MIT online course will teach you to design a robot that moves


Walking, jumping, running robots like Big Dog and Atlas are equal parts amazing and terrifying. And look how they've grown: MIT's Cheetah bot, once a tethered machine on a treadmill, can now bound across an open field unchained. A few makers of the sophisticated moving robots that are starting to pop up in public more and more are going to be sharing their wisdom with the masses. Starting today, MIT's online course on moving robots is open for business. Read More


A Where's-Waldo-ish Guide to What-Not-to-Do

All the wee little design things that matter


Lena Groeger does a fabulous breakdown of what works and what doesn't — what visual bits are clear to people, and what are confusing or frustrating — in designing the appearance of everything from mobile apps to infographics to various other products. Read More


By any other name

Online identity matters: Facebook, Ello, and the right to pseudonyms


Internet scholars and activists gathered at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard on Tuesday to discuss the right to choose how identity is presented online. The discussion was led by aestetix, an activist for pseudonymity on the Web. Read More

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The Pied Piper

HubSpot’s Dan Lyons has the best job (not) in Silicon Valley


HubSpot's Dan Lyons is back in Cambridge after spending the summer in Los Angeles playing a role in writing for Season Two of HBO’s hit "Silicon Valley." Read More