A team from MIT visits a Kumbh site. Photo via Ramesh Raskar.

Global Good

MIT and the shortcut to Nirvana


It is the largest religious gathering on earth. The colorful and chaotic Kumbh Mela, (Kumbh, for short), a triennial event hosted by one of India’s four second-tier cities, draws devotees by the millions. Now, thanks to Ramesh Raskar, a MIT Media Lab professor whose hometown, Nashik, is the venue for upcoming Kumbh, it has drawn tech-minded folks from Boston as well. Read More

Boston Engineering's 'GhostSwimmer' robot can stealthily navigate cramped spaces. The Navy tested it off Virginia Beach last week.  (Image: US Navy)

Just keep swimming

Navy’s ‘Silent NEMO’ project tests Boston robotic fish for stealth ops


A robotic fish called the GhostSwimmer made by Boston Engineering successfully completed a series of maneuvers led by the US Office of Naval Research last week. "I can’t tell you exactly what they wanted us to do," Mark Smithers, chief technology officer at Boston Engineering, said. "We were able to do something that [we weren't] able to do prior [to that] and we did it successfully multiple times." Read More

Photo via The Boston Globe-REUTERS/FILE

Be Smart and Be Safe

After a string of incidents, Uber promises to upgrade its safety efforts


Do you feel safe using Uber? It’s a question that everyone is asking in the wake of a string of sexual assaults -- both here in Boston and abroad  -- involving Uber drivers or people posing as drivers with the ride-share service. Read More


Water Hero rescues households from the winter misery of frozen pipes

Winter is here and bringing with it the annual plague of frozen plumbing and exploding pipes. A Beverly company called Water Hero is looking to rescue homeowners from these wintry troubles with a device and phone app that monitors the plumbing for leaks when they're not home. Read More