Virtualizing IT

Beating the Series B crunch: Software-defined tech firm Intigua gets $10 million


How do you overcome the funding bottleneck at the mid stage? One way: take a hot concept in tech (such as software-defined technology) and apply it to a new area (such as IT systems management).

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Mass. ‘Internet of Things’ merger: PTC to acquire Axeda for $170 million


Before the “Internet of Things” was a popular phrase, companies including Foxboro-based Axeda provided what was known as machine-to-machine technology—software that allowed physical devices to exchange data.

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parking tickets

The Incumbent vs. the Upstart

Is this week’s parking app pilot decision a test of Mayor Walsh’s bullish stance on innovation?

Open Gov

Last week, Mayor Martin J. Walsh came out and expressed his opposition to parking app Haystack's launch in Boston.  In his statement, the mayor said, "The Boston Transportation Department (“BTD”) welcomes innovation in all aspects of urban transportation, including the use of apps by smartphone users." Very soon, we will have a test case of just how serious the mayor is about innovation in Boston. Read More


Aereo responds

Aereo: Netflix started with slow growth, too


In my post yesterday on Aereo's slow growth (when the TV streaming service was still legal), I mentioned the size of the user base at Netflix—50 million—for context after citing Aereo's membership of 78,000 as of the end of last year. In response, Aereo SVP Virginia Lam sent along an article that shows Netflix had gradual growth early on as well—even after five years in business, Netflix had just 670,000 subscribers (in 2002). Though of course, those were the days when Netflix was only involved with mailing out DVDs. Read More


Talent wars

Noncompete compromise appears likely, but it could be a stepping stone to full ban


The current state legislative session ends July 31, and if anything is going to be done about noncompete clauses—even a compromise between opponents and supporters of the status quo—it’ll need to be done by then.

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