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GamerGate hits Boston, IPO recap, and Manicube illegal?

This was quite a busy week in the Boston tech scene.

Some good, including MassChallenge announcing its finalists and a few companies getting more investment funding.

And, some bad, such as Clay Buchholz's wife being part of the celebrity photo hack, Manicube possibly breaking a few regulations, and, the story of game developer Brianna Wu being forced out of her house due to threats for being outspoken about the treatment of women in the gaming world.

Wu is being terrorized by a fanatical faction of the video game world, and is being stopped from doing what she loves, which is to build video games.

When I talked to Wu yesterday, she said that rape threats and death threats have been part of her life as female video game developer for a long time now. I asked her if, because it happens so much, she has gotten numb to the attacks.

Her response: "You never get numb to this stuff. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me every time it happens. It does...I just love this industry so much, and I love my job so much, it’s a price that I feel I have to pay. I can live with the death threats, but I could not live with myself if I were to coward out and quit. It’s my personality."

Image from the forthcoming game The Flame in the Flood, from the Cambridge game development studio The Molasses Flood.

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Image of "stealing data" via Shutterstock

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Clay Buchholz’s wife’s photos hacked?


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From left: Brian Goldsmith of Bain Capital Ventures, co-founder
Eric Carlstrom (back row, white shirt), CFO Niall Hawkins, COO
Elisabeth Carpenter, CEO
Brent Grinna, VP of Product
Matt Sly, and
Mike Krupka of Bain Capital Ventures.

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More Despicable Behavior towards women in gaming industry

Boston-based video game company founder forced to flee home due to threats


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