Roll for initiative
How a velociraptors vs. cockroaches showdown raised $105,881 on Kickstarter
Kickstarter Advice

When Newton-based game designer Kevin Kulp wanted funding to turn the text manuscript of TimeWatch, a tabletop "Investigative Time-Travel" role-playing game, into a printed/digital book, rather than look to the game book's publisher, he turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter for "backers" — people who would pledge money for the project. Read More

NBA commissioner in Boston: Technology is key to basketball’s future
NBA commissioner Adam Silver (center) mingles with attendees before speaking at the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. (Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe)
In his first week as commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver made a West Coast trip to tour the site of a proposed arena for the Sacramento Kings — exactly the sort of thing a man in his position is expected to do. His next stop wasn’t Los Angeles to visit the Lakers or Clippers, however; it was Silicon Valley to pick the brains of technology executives who might be able to help the league innovate. Read More
Sales pitch
These are the slides Digital Recognition Network uses to sell police and repo companies on its license plate surveillance database
ALPR Boston
Last week, BetaBoston provided a glimpse into how a handful of private data brokers have compiled massive databases of vehicle location records. By mounting high-speed license plate readers on tow trucks and repo "spotter" cars in nationwide networks, these brokers claim to have compiled scans for a majority of vehicles registered in the United States. Read More
MarketMeSuite CEO dishes inside scoop on new Constant Contact InnoLoft accelerator
MarketMeSuite chief executive Tammy Kahn Fennell said her company's time at Constant Contact "has given us a load of ideas."
The organizers of new accelerators always make their programs sound awesome, but how can you know whether they’re really worth the time? In the case of Constant Contact’s Small Business Innovation Loft, you can talk to a secret alumna who went through the program before it officially existed. Read More