Early days of computing
MIT celebrates 50 years of Project MAC, Multics, and other computer foundations
Fifty years ago, a major project that ultimately seeded much of today's computer technology was created at MIT: Project MAC, and the Multics operating system initiative within the project. Out of this came hundreds of computer scientists and programmers, who went on to found and work at leading computer companies and create milestone products whose legacies live on today. Read More
Line of Life
Harvard i-lab project joins with MIT CoLab artist for community-sourced Back Bay mural
Image from Ernest M. English's website
Starting at 11 a.m. on Monday, Ernest M. English, an artist based out of MIT's Community Innovation Lab, will be unveiling an enormous canvas that will hang by the Boylston Street entrance to the Prudential Center. However, in the morning, the piece of urban art will be far different than the piece that will eventually be displayed prominently in the Back Bay.  Read More
Seeing success
Determine your entrepreneur style to get past your blind spots
This post originally appeared at Entrepreneur.com.

Entrepreneurs are leaders who can see into the future with inspired vision, championing highly competent teams to make the seemingly impossible possible. That is the intent at least. There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, work harder instead of smarter and generally fear that you’re doing it wrong. The truth is, whether you would like to admit it or not, entrepreneurs and executives have blind spots -- everyone has them.

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In Google's Grasp?
Google might be acquiring Springpad in acqui-hire deal
(Image from Flickr via Creative Commons - "Grabbing Google" by Duncan Hull)
Word started to trickle in that Springpad, the Boston based note-taking application, was shutting down. The Verge first reported the news last night, including a tidbit that the Springpad team was going to be working on another project. Springpad then confirmed on its site that it would be shutting down as of June 25. However, a source tells us something a little more complex going on. Read More
On pace
WalkJogRun, a more accurate app from the guy who invented run tracking
(Kari Bodnarchuk for the Boston Globe)
When Adam Howitt decided to run his long road race, the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta in 2002, he wanted to make sure to optimize his training regimen. However, the only way to figure out the certain distances he needed to run was to drive routes in his car and track the distance on his odometer. As a programmer with a couple of decades of experience, he figured he could come up with an easier, more accurate way to track his distance runs. Read More
Springpad, which has raised $7.3 million in venture capital funding, is closing up shop. The company, which was a note-taking app that set itself up as a competitor to Evernote and Pinterest, had brought in a new chief executive, Jacqueline Hampton, just last August. The Verge reports that the existing team is going to be building a new product. Discuss
Tech fauna -- a field guide
The seven species of innovators on the Boston tech scene
Field guide
These are boom times for the innovation economy in Boston and Cambridge. Venture capital firms and big companies are moving from the suburbs to scout deals and reel in young talent. Wannabe entrepreneurs are ditching stable jobs to go the startup route. Read More
Cutting through the noise
Video messaging startup Vsnap adds $1 million in funding
Vsnap CEO Dave McLaughlin with Christopher Swenor,
Vice President of Product and Technology.
At a moment when we're all burdened by unanswered e-mails, unlistened-to voicemails, and all kinds of alerts pinging our mobile phones, Vsnap founder Dave McLaughlin has a strong belief about the power of video: a personalized video message can cut through all the noise, he says. Read More
Global Biz Hub
Checking in on the overlooked Worcester startup scene
Picture courtesy Destination Worcester
For many of us who think about the "local economy," what happens outside of I-495 might as well be happening on the moon. While it may not have the cool factor of accelerators in the Innovation District or in Kendall Square,  the startup/tech scene in Worcester is growing thanks to the passionate work of DataGravity co-founder and president John Joseph. I asked the WPI and Clark alumnus a few questions about what he's been up to out in "The City of Seven Hills." Read More