'Uberification' continues
Harvard startup Boxxify aims to end missed package deliveries
The Boxxify team.  Front row is Mike Lloyd, Nimi Katragadda, and RJ Price.
Second row is Stephen Schleicher, Paul Moskowitz, and Bharat Kilaru. (Courtesy of the company)
As a guy who recently took a half-day off just so I’d be home for the delivery of my new smartphone, I’m intrigued by a new Harvard Business School startup, Boxxify.com, which plans to bring package delivery into the on-demand era. Starting April 15 in Boston, the startup plans to debut a service that will personally handle and sign for your packages, and then deliver them to your doorstep — by appointment — between the hours of 7 p.m. and midnight. Read More
Business advice
Trust: An old concept relevant to cutting edge businesses
By Christopher Walsh Whether you are a homeowner, parent, professional or student, there is one thing you can bank on: Something will always go wrong. The real problem isn't having a problem, it's finding someone you trust to help you solve it. You can certainly search the Internet and look at online reviews, but that technique has many flaws. Read More
Boston Opens Up
Mayor Walsh opens up Boston's online data
Boston Globe staff photo by John Tlumacki (metro)
Mayor Martin J. Walsh signed an executive order Monday night to make the city’s data -- information such as restaurant inspections, crime statistics, emergency response times, and liquor licenses -- accessible to the public and published online for software developers to create web pages and mobile applications. Read More
Boston, Open City?
City Councilor Michelle Wu proposes open data ordinance for Boston
On Monday, Boston City Councilor At Large Michelle Wu filed an "open data ordinance," aimed at requiring the city's agencies and departments to make their various datasets available online, using publicly developed open standards. The ordinance will be proposed at the Boston City Council's meeting on Wednesday. Read More
A high-altitude Lyft?
Airpooler wants to let you hitch a ride on private planes
A plane prepares to take off at Hanscom Field in Bedford.
Hate the endless car trip to Bar Harbor, the car-plus-ferry trip to the Vineyard, or the pokey Amtrak to Albany? A startup called Airpooler is launching in Boston this week with a speedier solution: hitch a ride on a private plane. Read More