The New Face of Angel Investing
Atlas Venture's Dustin Dolginow to co-lead new AngelList-focused investment firm
(Image from Atlas Venture's website - picture by Jon Chomitz)
Atlas Venture has long been involved with AngelList and the website's syndicates program. Atlas was among the earliest investors in AngelList and was also one of the leads in its $24 million round of funding last year. Additionally, in December, Atlas gathered a group of Boston angel investors together to create the so-called "Boston Syndicate" in which the firm would add $250,000 to members AngelList syndicates’ deals. Read More
You Are My Sunshine
Faze1 aims to bring solar power to the masses
(Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Solar power, once a dream of utopian futurists, is quickly becoming a live possibility for many Americans thanks to dramatic drops in solar panel prices, which fell 60 percent in the past three years. But solar’s share of the U.S. energy supply remains minuscule: as of 2012, it commanded just over one tenth of one percent of the market. Coal, by comparison, claimed 37 percent. What gives? Read More