Hooked on Location
Skyhook launches new technology to deliver more targeted, personalized mobile content
Skyhook Wireless, one of the pioneers of wireless positioning technology and location intelligence, announced Wednesday a new location-based "Context Accelerator" that allows brands to deliver personalized content — advertisements, relevant blog posts, restaurant and store reviews — to mobile device users anywhere. Read More
Out of the Box
Aaron Levie, Box see drones and Internet of Things as data sources of the future
Aaron Levie talking with Jason Pontin at EmTech MIT hosted by MIT Technology Review
Aaron Levie, the founder and chief executive of cloud content storage company Box, is in Cambridge today to talk about "Mobile Collaboration" at EmTech MIT hosted by MIT Technology Review. Before his talk, I caught up with him about what's next for Box, as well as the company's presence in Boston. Read More
Shooting for the moon
Google X's Astro Teller: The big ideas will pay for themselves
Google X's Astro Teller spoke to MIT Technology Review editor-in-chief Jason Pontin.
Astro Teller, chief—no, Captain of Moonshots—at Google's secretive skunkworks shared some behind-the-scenes info about the Google's incubation zone for Really Crazy Ideas. It makes sense for Google to host X: big ideas come with big payoffs, he said in a conversation with Jason Pontin, editor in chief at MIT Technology Review, at the publication's annual EmTech MIT conference. Read More
Upgrading the conference call
Boston-based Talko, led by Ray Ozzie, unveils new communication app
Talko founders Matt Pope, Eric Patey, and Ray Ozzie, in the startup's North End office.
Just a few blocks away from where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, entrepreneur Ray Ozzie and a small team have been reimagining telephone calls for the 21st century. And today, they're debuting a new iPhone app called Talko that seeks to nudge the phone out of the "just dial a number and hold it to your ear" era and into the 21st century. Read More