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Entrepreneur and Media Lab researcher David Rose talks 'enchanted objects'
New book out this week from serial entrepreneur and MIT Media Lab researcher David Rose, entitled, "Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things." Rose is doing two local events: one at Bolt on Tuesday night, and one on Thursday at the Harvard Book Store. We sat down a few days ago to talk about what exactly an "enchanted object" is. Read More
21st century gold rush
Charles River Ventures, now CRV, announces major shift from the shores of its namesake
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In a post on Medium today, Charles River Ventures's general partner Jon Auerbach announced a new fund for the early-stage investment firm as well as a couple of changes in the way CRV views itself and its future. Read More
Best Funding Fit?
Crowdfunding vs. VC seed rounds: Which makes sense?
"Hands holding money" via Shutterstock
This is a guest post by Lee Hower of Boston venture capital firm NextView Ventures. The rise of crowdfunding in the last three to five years as a source of capital has been remarkable. Tech startups and potential investors have had greater access to one another than ever before, and beyond the startup world, a broad array of projects have been able to successfully seek capital via crowdfunding. Read More
Department of glass ceilings
Not enough women in venture capital boardrooms: Bonus material
Miguel Montaner for The Boston Globe
Since it sprouted in Boston just after World War II, some things haven’t changed about the venture capital business: the desire for outsized returns, the constant hunt for promising startups, the framed documents celebrating stock offerings and acquisitions, and the long conference tables around which partners gather each Monday to debate which companies deserve money. Read More
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ThriveHive transforms into a HubSpot for really small businesses, with a twist

The founders of ThriveHive have never expected the Cambridge startup to be one of those companies that gains a huge user base virtually overnight. As they told me in an interview more than a year ago, scaling up its marketing software for the smallest of businesses—the ones with 10 or fewer employees—would necessarily take some time.

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La Cerveza Mas Fina
Koa Labs sponsoring our next BetaBoston Bytes & Brews in Harvard Square next Thursday
We have officially hit the dog days of summer and the mercury keeps rising in the ol' thermometer. So what better way to beat the heat than joining BetaBoston, 99 Bottles, and our newly announced sponsor Koa Labs for our July BetaBoston Bytes & Brews next Thursday July 17 at John Harvard's in Harvard Square. Read More
Bring it on
Bijan Sabet on Spark Capital's noncompetes approach: Our companies don't have them
Bijan and Lacy
Last night in the very hot and steamy Projective Space in New York City, Spark Capital's Bijan Sabet sat down with PandoDaily founder and editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy for a chat that revealed just how concerned the prominent venture capitalist is about the effects certain laws may have on the ability for the East Coast tech scene to thrive. Read More