Channeling the frustration
Mobile app Shelfie wants to let shoppers cash in on empty shelves
Grocery store shelf
Shelfie is not only an au courant name for an app, but a cool concept for these next few weeks of retail frenzy. Once you have the Android or iPhone apps, whenever there's a product you're hunting for that's out-of-stock, you use it to snap a picture of the empty shelf. The info about what's not there will be valuable to both retailers and product manufacturers, Shelfie posits. The shopper's reward? Points that can be converted into gift cards for use at places like Starbucks, Amazon, or Target. Read More
Celebrating computer science, tech community commits Random Acts of Code
As part of Computer Science Education week, members of MassTLC and the tech community "ambushed" Nora LaCasse (with boa) who teaches coding to her students Boston Community Leadership Academy. Photo: David L Ryan/Globe Staff
It had all the makings of an ambush. At 1:45 p.m. on Monday, a half dozen adults tiptoed down the hall of the Boston Community Leadership Academy in Hyde Park, trying to remain unnoticed. But it was hardly a subtle procession: One carried a huge pink and white cake. Another juggled a sign that read “I love Computer Science” as they worked their way toward Nora LaCasse’s classroom. Read More