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Wyth app, from Fiksu and Vlingo veterans, wants to help manage your calendar
A Boston startup, Pencil Labs, has slipped a new calendar and messaging app called Wyth into the iTunes Store with zero fanfare. I've been tracking the startup since last May, but the founders aren't saying much and the website is still in "coming soon" mode. Pencil raised some early funding in 2013 from two Cambridge venture capital firms, Matrix Partners and Charles River Ventures. Read More
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After Supreme Court loss, Aereo as we know it may still have five months left
Screen shot from Aereo.com retransmission of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC

Aereo does not have to shut down immediately following the US Supreme Court ruling Wednesday that the television streaming service violated the copyrights of broadcasters. Instead the firm faces additional legal proceedings in federal courts and it could be as much as five months before it faces an outright order to close or alter its service, said Harry Cole, an attorney who specializes in broadcast media cases.

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