Rising stars
The top-funded Techstars Boston startups
Most startup portfolios, at least the good ones, have a few companies that go farther and grow bigger than the others. So it is with Techstars, the startup accelerator and investment vehicle that launched in Boston in 2009. Since then the program has run seven sessions, the latest of which concluded last week. Read More
Free the knowledge
The Exploitative Economics of Academic Publishing
Open Publishing
Taxpayers in the United States spend $139 billion a year on scientific research, yet much of this research is inaccessible not only to the public, but also to other scientists.(a) This is the consequence of an exploitative scientific journal system that rewards academic publishers while punishing taxpayers, scientists, and universities. Fortunately, cheap open-access alternatives are not only possible, but already beginning to take root, suggesting a way forward to a more open and equitable system for sharing research. Read More
Sharing is caring
How the Sharing Economy impacts your home, wallet, and next trip
Origami Haus in Miami, FL
By Mark O'Toole Collaborative travel. Adventure lodging. Apartment as a hotel. The world of travel is undergoing its biggest change since the dawn of the Internet. How we travel, where we stay and the ways in which we share our experiences are dramatically different today than they were even a few years ago. Read More