Speak softly...
Apple is growing the Cambridge research team focused on improving Siri speech recognition
The low-key entrance to Apple's current office in Kendall Square. (Photo by Scott Kirsner/ BetaBoston)
On the eve of its next big product announcement, Apple is expanding its super-secret research office in Kendall Square. Several commercial realtors tell me that the Cupertino company has leased more than half a floor at One Broadway, an MIT-owned building that also houses Facebook's small local team, several venture capital firms, and the Cambridge Innovation Center. The new office, about 13,000 square feet on one of the building's upper floors, is a major expansion for Apple, which currently has a small team on the building's fifth floor. Read More
all ears
OtoSense is an app that hears and learns the sounds of the world
From wailing fire engines to the piercing shrill of smoke alarms, sounds are often the first to warn us of trouble. OtoSense, a new app in the Google Play store, aims to recognize and translate these sounds and others for people with hearing loss, converting them into vibrations, flashes, and other cues that they can see or feel. Read More
You learn something new every day...
America's next big media star is...a 15-year-old YouTuber from Melrose, Mass.?
At last night's Re/code media event, Code/Media Series:New York, one of the featured speakers was Meridith Valiando Rojas of DigiTour. Valiando Rojas introduced me, and many in the room, to the the new world of Internet stardom. One of the computer-age celebrities that the DigiTour founder discussed during her talk with Re/code's Peter Kafka was someone named Lohanthony. Read More
Parallel entrepreneurs
One is not enough: Let's start two
Phil Beauregard (left) listens as partner Matt Grace makes a presentation to team members at Objective Logistics, one of two companies Beauregard and Grace have founded together. (Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff)
Sitting behind the computer monitor on Phil Beauregard’s cluttered desk at a startup called Objective Logistics is a hardcover book published in 2011: the authorized biography of Steve Jobs. Jobs managed to pull off something that is rarer in the business world than a no-hitter is in baseball. For about a decade after his return to Apple in 1997, Jobs ran two successful public companies, Apple and Pixar, simultaneously. Read More
'The tide has turned'
Vivek Wadhwa still fearless on the issue of women in tech
Vivek Wadhwa (photo by Halley Suitt Tucker)
Something very big is happening in tech on Sept. 9, and I’m not talking about the Apple announcement. On Tuesday, a new book from Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya, Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology, is coming out. I caught up with him in Silicon Valley this week to talk about diversity in technology and hear more about the book. Read More
From the Gray Lady to Lohanthony
Re/code media event tackles the future of media, old and new
Jill Abramson (left) and Kara Swisher (right)
On Thursday night, in a design space sitting just above Columbus Circle in downtown New York, Re/code, the tech news site started by former Dow Jones/AllThingsD cohorts Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, held a small conference that focused on all things media. Read More