Layoffs at adtech firm
Video analytics startup Visible Measures cuts staff
Photo of Visible Measures' office near South Station, from the company's blog.
One of Boston's best-funded adtech startups, Visible Measures, has been shedding employees, with the latest round of layoffs taking place yesterday. According to former employees and executives at other companies who have been fielding resumes from laid off employees, the cuts represent 30 or more people, about one-quarter of Visible Measures' workforce. CEO Brian Shin declined comment yesterday evening, pointing me to a public relations rep who hasn't responded to phone calls or e-mails. The layoffs affect employees across all departments, says one former employee, adding that the company may have simply grown too fast in a hyper-competitive business: "A serious case of cart in front of horse," he says. Read More
'Airbnb of education'
Flashnotes looking to help, not disrupt, the education establishment
Screenshot from video

A few years ago, Boston startup Boundless found itself in the midst of a bitter legal battle after debuting e-textbooks that resembled those of established publishers. Now another Boston startup, Flashnotes, is revealing a wholly different edtech strategy by working hand-in-hand with one of those very same publishers, Cengage Learning.

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Forget your password
Can the fitness-tracking Apple Watch offer a healthy alternative to passwords?
Via Apple
Apple showed off its Apple Watch today and demonstrated how it's also a sophisticated fitness and health tracker that measures your heart rate, various activity levels, and syncs with your phone. Apple, the company that once held your photos and emails and contacts, can now collect a whole other kind of additional private data that's even closer to your skin—heart rate, movement patterns, sleeping patterns, and more. They also have a unique opportunity to use that very same information for security. But will they take it? Read More
Apple App Prepped?
Who isn't so psyched about Apple's iPhone and Watch news today?
Image via Apple
While a good amount of the tech world tuned into Apple's big event at the Flint Center in Cupertino in eager anticipation of the unveiling of two new iPhones (the iPhone 6 and 6+) and the new Apple Watch, there is a group whose excitement was also mixed with some anxiety, panic, and possibly even dread: App developers and technology design folks. Read More
Helping Hands
Governor Patrick, Mayor Walsh officially make Wednesday 'Tech Gives Back Day'
Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and MassChallenge's Ryan Walsh , at MassChallenge
City of Boston Mayor Martin Walsh has issued a proclamation making Wednesday "Tech Gives Back Day" in the city. Last week, Governor Deval Patrick, also proclaimed that September 10, will be Tech Gives Back Day for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Read More
Shoestring innovation
Sun-powered desalinator could quench thousands of Indian villages
A salt extractor powered by the sun could bring cleaner drinking water to thousands of villages in India and millions more across the world. In a new report, MIT researchers describe a novel but practical system to purify salty groundwater for India’s villages off the electric grid, and argue that it’s a system that people can afford, and will choose to use. Read More