Can You Hear Me Now
Bellow, from RunKeeper vets, aims to change the way we communicate
Bellow founders Drew Stock and Jon Gilman
Sitting with Jon Gilman and Drew Stock at a Fort Point area coffee shop one recent morning, I was taken aback when the pair, both former RunKeeper employees, told me that they believed that if Alexander Graham Bell were to invent the telephone in Boston today, he'd probably do it in a much different way. Gilman, a former product manager at RunKeeper, and Stock, a past interaction designer at the fitness tracking company, have created their new startup, Bellow, with the belief that voice communication is superior to texting and that the phone system we use today is broken. They think they can fix it. Read More
I’m a physician, and I saw the future of medicine at CES
The Muse brain sensing headband was displayed at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. EPA/MICHAEL NELSON
As a doctor, every day I'm reminded that the way we think about health care is rapidly evolving. We're finally beginning to appreciate that our patients are in fact consumers of healthcare and as such, should be treated in a way that engenders loyalty, engagement and even delight. Our patients are growing increasingly accustomed to a mobile, on-demand, and thoughtfully designed experience in their daily lives from companies like Apple, Amazon, and Airbnb, all striving to serve and retain their customers. We as health care providers are challenged not only by increasing costs, governmental mandates and complexity of care but a customer that has higher expectations of how health care should be. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, there were over 170,000 attendees, 3,600 vendors and 38 football fields of space. While a growing, yet small fraction of it was decidedly focused on health care, a great deal can be learned from the technologies on display. For me, it was a chance to see where medicine and health care are headed. Read More
Preserving those 'Kodak moments' in the digital age
Smile! Next startup from Blade incubator wants to solve digital photos
The next startup off the assembly line at Boston-based Blade will focus on a headache that pretty much everyone has: How do you keep track of and share the best photos you take? Some of them may wind up on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — or perhaps on the front of your holiday card. But the majority "remain locked away on our digital devices," Lineage Labs contends, "rarely finding the right way or the right time to be shared and enjoyed." Read More
Say goodbye to road rage: By 2025, the market for self-driving cars will be $42 billion
Google's latest self-driving vehicle prototype.
Fully self-driving cars will hit the road in the next decade, and Americans are ready and waiting for that day. A report published Thursday by the Boston Consulting Group brings the next 10 years into focus for makers and buyers of self-driving cars, projecting a $42 billion global market for fully autonomous vehicles by 2025. That market is expected to swell to $77 billion globally by 2035. Read More
LoopPay Aims To Kill Cash At CES
LoopPay was looking for partnership opportunities at CES this week. Photo via LoopPay
The only thing more annoying than the crowds of people at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is having to pay for everything you buy with $100 bills. Benjamins are the main currency in Vegas, and the ATMs spit them out whether or not you want them. Then again, dealing with cash in any form can be kind of annoying — so it's no surprise Burlington-based LoopPay is attracting attention. Read More