Bring it on
Bijan Sabet on Spark Capital's noncompetes approach: Our companies don't have them
Bijan and Lacy
Last night in the very hot and steamy Projective Space in New York City, Spark Capital's Bijan Sabet sat down with PandoDaily founder and editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy for a chat that revealed just how concerned the prominent venture capitalist is about the effects certain laws may have on the ability for the East Coast tech scene to thrive. Read More
Mr. Sulu goes to MIT
George Takei takes a spin through Boston's innovation scene
George Takei talks with Bill Warner, an angel investor and entrepreneur who founded Avid Technology.
When George Takei — social media star, equal rights crusader, and the former helmsman of the starship Enterprise — asks you about the most interesting places to visit to get a sense for innovation in Boston, that's an e-mail you respond to pretty fast. Takei was planning a trip here in May to shoot several new episodes of his YouTube series "Takei's Take," and I suggested he drop by places like Rethink Robotics, which sells a new kind of manufacturing robot, and Bluebird Bio, a Cambridge biotech developing new kinds of gene therapies for rare diseases. The first episode he shot on that trip just showed up on YouTube yesterday. Read More
Aereo: We're not dead yet!
After its Supreme Court loss, Aereo said it was going to pause its streaming television operations, not halt them. Today we got a look at the streaming television service's next gambit: The company now says it is a cable provider, and as such is eligible to pay statutory licensing fees to resume live streaming operations, while running its time-shifted video recording service more or less as it had been. Read More