Talent hunt
GSN Games' move from the suburbs to Boston all about hiring
GSN Games office locations.
One of the Bay State's biggest game-development studios is leaving the 'burbs for downtown Boston this Friday. GSN Games, which creates Web-based and mobile games like Bingo Bash and GSN Casino, had been based at the Meditech/Adobe building on Route 128 in Waltham, but is heading to 100 Summer St., a short walk from South Station. GSN Games, previously known as GSN Digital, is part of the Game Show Network, whose owners are DirecTV and Sony Pictures. Many of GSN's most popular games pay out cash prizes to players. Read More
The Brigham hosts a mental health hackathon for women this weekend
The Code for Health hackathon in New York City in August invited women engineers to build apps  around nutrition. (Photo: Self Magazine)
A hackathon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital this weekend is unlike a hackathon in all kinds of wonderful ways. It's a code session for women, by women, and the focus will be mental health issues like anxiety, depression and anorexia that women are more susceptible to.  Together, they encompass a fantastic intersection of the Venn diagram in the hacking space that almost no one has yet to touch. Read More
More proper channels
Fighting back: Women now have a tool to report their abusers on Twitter
Women, famously, are not welcome on the Internet, and it is on public forums like Twitter where they typically face the shrillest abuse. Now, women have a place to report their harassers thanks to a new tool built by Women, Action & the Media, a Cambridge group that is collaborating with Twitter.  Read More
Innovation Economy
Pedal power plus: Startups aim to give a boost to bicycling
Superpedestrian founder Assaf Biderman works on the Copenhagen Wheel at his shop in Cambridge. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
On a brisk fall morning last week, I was pedaling the streets of Cambridge in my own personal Tour de France. Ordinarily, I am a pokey cyclist, but now I was tearing down Brookline Street at 18 miles an hour, without huffing or feeling the burn. On the bike’s rear wheel, hidden inside a plastic case, were $800 worth of sensors, batteries, and a motor that augmented my leg muscles. Read More
Just for you
99Degrees collects $400,000 in funding to deliver custom clothing faster
Left to right: Fancy Faith, Brenna Schneider, and Tameria Lanier of 99Degrees Custom. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff)
Brenna Schneider sees customization as the future: when you order a hoodie or a pair of kicks, you should be able to make the design your own. But one of the big limitations, Schneider says, is the long wait. Since most of the products are made overseas, it can take several weeks to get what you ordered. "And of course, the e-commerce world has no tolerance for weeks," she says. "There's pressure for quicker turnaround on custom orders." Read More