Say goodbye to road rage: By 2025, the market for self-driving cars will be $42 billion
Google's latest self-driving vehicle prototype.
Fully self-driving cars will hit the road in the next decade, and Americans are ready and waiting for that day. A report published Thursday by the Boston Consulting Group brings the next 10 years into focus for makers and buyers of self-driving cars, projecting a $42 billion global market for fully autonomous vehicles by 2025. That market is expected to swell to $77 billion globally by 2035. Read More
LoopPay Aims To Kill Cash At CES
LoopPay was looking for partnership opportunities at CES this week. Photo via LoopPay
The only thing more annoying than the crowds of people at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is having to pay for everything you buy with $100 bills. Benjamins are the main currency in Vegas, and the ATMs spit them out whether or not you want them. Then again, dealing with cash in any form can be kind of annoying — so it's no surprise Burlington-based LoopPay is attracting attention. Read More
Are you blond, female, and feeling like you don't fit in at MIT? You're not alone.
Anna Loparev, of Wellesley College, at the GAMBIT lab at MIT. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff/File photo)
What’s it like being a conventionally attractive woman at one of the world’s most competitive tech schools? “Sometimes I feel as if in saying that I attend MIT, I’m telling a blonde joke,” reports Alice Zielinski, an aeronautics and astronautics major at the institute, in a blog post published on Medium last week.  Read More
On Par
Par8o raises $10.5 million for a more organized, better connected health care system
( image)
Have you ever heard of SERMO? No? Well SERMO is the largest online physician community in the world. Over 300,000 US physicians use the network, which was developed by doctors in Boston and acquired by WorldOne Interactive in 2012. The site allows physicians to share notes, talk about difficult to understand diseases, and to help each other diagnose health problems. On Thursday, a project from two of SERMO's founding physicians, Dr. Daniel Palestrant and Dr. Adam Sharp, called par8o (pronounced par-eight-oh), announced that it has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding to help organize the mess that is the current state of healthcare. Read More
Spawning more startups
PureTech pockets $50 million to bring life sciences ideas out of the lab
PureTech founder and CEO Daphne Zohar, center. (Photo by Scott Zuehlke, courtesy PureTech.)
The big players of the biopharma world descend on San Francisco next week for the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, and in advance of it, Boston-based PureTech is announcing it has raised $50 million in new funding. PureTech takes successful research out of academic labs, and assembles teams that can move it toward commercialization. Among its projects are startup companies focused on obesity, hair growth, drug delivery without needles, and therapeutic video games. Read More