Everything's coming up rosés
Drync wine app partners with retailers to offer pickup as option
Drync's mobile app lets users scan the label on bottles of wine to keep track of vintages they like — and re-order more.
Things are looking up for Bay State oenophiles. On Jan. 1, it becomes legal for wineries to ship their products directly to your doorstep. And starting this week, the Somerville startup Drync is making it possible to order a bottle or a case through its mobile app and pick it up at a local retailer. Read More
Fresh directors + fresh cash
Staff revamp at Techstars Boston; campus-focused Xfund raises $100 million
New Techstars Boston director Eveline Buchatskiy with managing director Semyon Dukach. (Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston)
Semyon Dukach is bringing in some new talent to help run the Techstars Boston entrepreneurial training program. Dukach took over as managing director of the program earlier this year, and in November he announced that two of the directors who had been assisting with day-to-day management would be departing. Joining the program in advance of its 2015 cycle are angel investor and entrepreneur Ty Danco and Eveline Buchatskiy, who had previously run a startup program in Kiev, Ukraine, and who moved to Boston in September. Danco and Buchatskiy will be directors; Rosa Hsu has been promoted to program manager. Read More
Its Getting Hot in Here
MIT's 'Local Warming' exhibit previews the energy-saving future of personalized climate control
'Local Warming' tracks your movement around a room and surrounds you in a thermal 'cloud.' (Photo: Senseable City Lab)
Fancy being ensconsed in a heat bubble as you move about the office building in the cold winter? An art installation dubbed “Local Warming,” which offers a preview of personalized climate control, returns from the prestigious Vienna Architecture Biennale next week. This whimsical, well-received design from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab also promises to be an energy saver. Read More
Round the corner
Technology has yet to transform democracy — but change is coming
Micah Sifry at Harvard's Berkman Center earlier this week.
It’s rare in the world of tech or politics when gurus go back and remind us of their early predictions and then admit how wrong they were. So Micah Sifry’s book, "The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet)," is a refreshing read. In it, he looks back to 2004 and revisits all the exciting, optimistic things people were saying about how the Web would change politics. His big reveal: It just hasn’t happened. Read More
Giver, giving, given
The healthiest #GivingTuesday donation? A gift of data for Patients Like Me
Giving thanks is fine, Giving a Sh$t is better, but giving up some of your health data will make a difference. That's what Jamie Heywood and his team at Patients Like Me hope. On Tuesday, the health data portal for people with chronic conditions launched a 24-day drive to encourage new patients to sign up and share their health data before Christmas Day. Read More
Brady v. Manning, every week
Draft, a new head-to-head fantasy sports game from StarStreet vets, launches today
Screenshots via Draft
Cambridge's Jeremy Levine has been a longtime player in both the fantasy sports world and the Boston tech community. After selling the assets of StarStreet to Boston-based DraftKings in August, Levine moved to New York to start his next venture, a daily head-to-head fantasy game called Draft, which officially launches today. Read More
Where are they now?
Tracking the Microsoft Startup Labs diaspora
Former Startup Labs employee Pat Kinsel, standing and gesturing to the screen. Photo courtesy of Reed Sturtevant.
A little more than five years ago, I wrote about a re-org at Microsoft's internal Startup Labs product development group. It turned out to be curtains for the Cambridge-based team, led by Reed Sturtevant — even though their old Web address still optimistically implores visitors to "please come back later." But five years on, it's clear the 2009 shakeup and ensuing departures freed up a number of people who've gone on to pollinate the local startup scene. Read More