Baxter is the coolest...
Rethink Robotics throws a bunch of kids into a pit with robots ... and everyone has a good time
Yesterday was "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" — better known as "Take Your Kid to Work Day" — and the folks over at Rethink Robotics wanted to prove they are the coolest moms and pops on the block. So, they let their kids hang out with Baxter, the robot. Read More
Love what you're wearing
New social network helps athletes wear what the pros wear
When you watch your favorite athletes on TV, it’s easy to see whose apparel they’re wearing. Adidas cleats, perhaps, or uniforms made by Under Armour. But what do they wear in practice or in the weight room, when the cameras aren’t on them? And what about the gear you can’t see, like shoulder pads and compression shorts? Read More
Mighty ducks
Black Duck Software joins ranks of largest private tech firms in Boston

Now at more than a decade old — some might call that middle-aged in the tech world — open-source software specialist Black Duck Software is seeing big growth and aiming for even bigger. The Burlington company reached $42 million in revenue last year, making Black Duck one of the largest venture-backed tech firms in the Boston area by revenue.

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So long, Dogpatch Cambridge: Polaris' startup hatchery is no more
Employees of Localytics working at Dogpatch Labs Cambridge in 2012.
R.I.P. Dogpatch Labs Cambridge. The startup hatchery, which once provided free office space in Kendall Square to selected startups, quietly closed in December, according to David Barrett, the venture capitalist at Polaris Partners who had been responsible for the space. It had operated for about five years. Read More
Bugging out
We eat bugs. You should too.
Co-founders of Six Foods Rose Wang and Laura D'Asaro. (Photo by Evgenia Eliseeva)
By Rose Wang My college roommate, Laura D’Asaro, has been off and on vegetarian her whole life, because she has had environmental and moral qualms about eating meat. So when she went to Tanzania one summer and ate a fried caterpillar, it was love at first taste. Not only was the caterpillar delicious, but she also discovered a new way to eat meat that was much more sustainable and moral. Read More
Sports and Twitter
NFL stars come to Harvard to talk social media presence and 'social capital'
Richard Sherman, Domonique Foxworth, Larry Fitzgerald, and Arian Foster at Harvard's iLab
On Wednesday afternoon, the Harvard Innovation Lab — usually home to talks by movers and shakers in the business and entrepreneurship worlds — hosted four world-class athletes for a discussion about the business of sports and how athletes navigate the worlds of social media. The panel, "Social Capital of the Savvy Athlete," featured Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks firebrand Richard Sherman, Arizona Cardinal All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald, Houston Texans star Arian Foster, and former Denver Bronco and current HBS student Domonique Foxworth. It was moderated by Anita Elberse, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Read More