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Pillar companies wanted
What is Boston’s strong suit in tech? Ask Veracode
Veracode chief executive Bob Brennan (courtesy of the company).

In some ways, Boston’s tech community—while highly active and growing—seems like it’s playing in the minor leagues. And yet the potential is there to play in the majors, provided that more companies succeed at growing large and staying independently owned over the long term (becoming major hirers and acquirers along the way).

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Keeping score
Do you believe Massachusetts tech is major league?
I have started to worry that instead of being in the press box for a Major League Baseball game, all of us who observe and cover the Boston tech scene are instead sitting in the aluminum bleachers of a Little League match that will end with a 24-19 score, and all of the players getting a trophy. Read More
Spotting a rocket
Harvard startup SpotRocket shows how Boston's hot tech firms rate nationally
The SpotRocket team. Top row (left to right): Cherian Kurien, Tim Chaves, Duncan Kauffman, Ross Porter.
Bottom row (left to right): Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Hann Yew. (Courtesy of company)
Gauging how well a startup is doing is a challenge for anyone — even investors get it wrong all the time. So you can imagine how tough it might be for a student just getting out of college and considering a job at a startup. A new startup from Harvard Business School students, SpotRocket, is working to make things a bit more transparent. Read More
Mighty ducks
Black Duck Software joins ranks of largest private tech firms in Boston

Now at more than a decade old — some might call that middle-aged in the tech world — open-source software specialist Black Duck Software is seeing big growth and aiming for even bigger. The Burlington company reached $42 million in revenue last year, making Black Duck one of the largest venture-backed tech firms in the Boston area by revenue.

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