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The power of mobile
Jana Mobile creating a new currency for emerging markets
(Image via Jana Mobile)
I've heard Jana Mobile described as many things: a mobile ad platform, a new marketing framework, an organization changing the lives of people in emerging markets like India and Nigeria. However, the truly best way to describe the company, which you don't hear too often, is that Jana is the catalyst for a new global currency. Read More
Red Sox partner with Sapient to make high-tech appeal to young fans
Sapient aims to help the Red Sox increase fan engagement with digital tools like the HypeMeter that it created for ESPN's coverage of the X Games.
The Red Sox have among the most passionate followers in the sporting world. There’s just one problem: They’re getting old. As the team opens another season at Fenway Park on Friday, it is also launching a new effort to increase fan engagement through digital channels, including social media and streaming video, with an eye toward adding younger members to Red Sox Nation, both kids and young adults alike who may be more facile with a smartphone than a baseball bat. Read More