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Euro Innovation
The best way to have fun during the blizzard? Download video selfie app Dubsmash immediately
Whether you know it or not, a group of German entrepreneurs has created what might be the best app you will download on your phone this month. And, if you are looking for something to keep you entertained over the next 24 hours of nonstop snow, get Dubsmash immediately and have a grand old time. Read More
We'll see you now
Fresh Tilled Soil's 'Enter' app aims to be the receptionist of the modern tech world
enter app
Picture it: You're dressed in your finest hand-tailored clothing, you make your way to a downtown skyscraper, feeling nervous as you prepare for an important job interview. But instead of being greeted in the lobby by a receptionist, an iPad mounted on the wall asks you to select your interviewer from a list of faces. The iPad then sends a text message to the recipient and asks you to take a seat in the lobby to wait. Read More
Smile and say 'selfie'! This app wants to brighten your teeth
The White Tooth app means to help brighten your smile. (Photo: Pearly Whites)
Your phone can hail you a cab, order you a burrito — and possibly add sparkle to your smile. That’s what makers of the White Tooth app claim, anyway. Like skipping the manicurist to paint your nails at home, a Boston whitening center has created an app that’ll give you the benefits of professional tooth bleaching at home. Read More
'Long live the open Internet': Cluetrain authors offer an updated guide to the Web
Two of the original Cluetrain authors, 
Doc Searls and David Weinberger, have issued a new manifesto for the Web.
If you've ever said, "markets are conversations" you're quoting the words of The Cluetrain Manifesto, the '90s-era opus on the promise of the Web. David Weinberger and Doc Searls (two of the original authors of Cluetrain) are publishing another provocative work today called New Clues. I caught up with them this week to hear about the project. None of us wants to be clueless, so go ahead, check it out; here's the link to their page: New Clues. Read More
Make it in Mass.?
Can manufacturing in Massachusetts go viral?
Eric Hold works on the electrical boards of a mass spectrometer at 908 Devices in South Boston. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)

“What we need are manufacturing jobs, not stupid social apps.”

That was a comment appended to a column I wrote in August about two app start-ups in Boston, and I thought it raised a good question: Who is creating those new manufacturing jobs? If you want to weld, rivet, or stamp for a living, rather than code and upload, where will you work?

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Upgrading the conference call
Boston-based Talko, led by Ray Ozzie, unveils new communication app
Talko founders Matt Pope, Eric Patey, and Ray Ozzie, in the startup's North End office.
Just a few blocks away from where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, entrepreneur Ray Ozzie and a small team have been reimagining telephone calls for the 21st century. And today, they're debuting a new iPhone app called Talko that seeks to nudge the phone out of the "just dial a number and hold it to your ear" era and into the 21st century. Read More
AMA from Anywhere
Reddit woos mobile readers with new Ask Me Anything iPhone app

Madonna, President Obama, and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, are part of a sparkling roster of luminaries who've personally answered questions from regular people on Reddit’s hugely popular Ask Me Anything channel. Today, Reddit launched a dedicated AMA mobile app with the goal of reaching even more readers. Read More