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Mayor Walsh issues statement about parking apps the day of Haystack's Boston launch
Haystack, an app that allows users to hand off parking spaces that they occupy for a $3 fee, planned its launch today in Boston despite the fact that the City of Boston is none too pleased that the company is selling a good that they don't actually own. (See update below.) Read More
Next hot app
I have a proposal for a new app that is certain to be the next mega-hit — an app just says this: next_app Another reason this is a good idea: The Fonz is notable not just for his catch phrase (and general coolness), but also for giving us "jump the shark" — something that is very likely happening right now with simple-communication apps like Yo. Discuss
Instacart raises $44 million from Andreessen Horowitz
market basket
San Francisco-based grocery delivery service Instacart has raised $44 million with a $400 million valuation, according to VentureBeat. The service has been expanding in Boston, including help bring the decidedly offline Market Basket to a keyboard near you. It also has a two-person office in Central Square. The service sets its own prices on purchased goods, pocketing the difference in addition to delivery fees. This practice has reportedly drawn the ire of Trader Joe's, which reportedly banned the service.