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On the outskirts of the Innovation Economy
Boston tech has an artist-in-residence, his name is Seth Minkin and he likes to draw NSFW bees
Seth Minkin
Starting this week, we are going to be doing a short series on careers at the outskirts of the innovation economy. We will be featuring creative entrepreneurs who have found their own unique, niche jobs in Boston's growing tech community. This week, we talk to Seth Minkin, the artist-in-residence at BzzAgent/dunnhumby. Read More
smart money
Smarterer announces $1.6M round of funding and launches new enterprise-focused product
(Image provided by Smarterer)

In terms of evaluating talent, not many job categories are more difficult than those in the rapidly growing technology and innovation sectors. In particular, marketing roles, social media manager positions, and development jobs are tricky positions to gauge a potential employee’s skill set and expertise.

Smarterer, the local skill assessment company, has established itself as a leader in evaluating talent and niche knowledge in non-traditional, mostly digital areas, including Twitter, Facebook, sales platform Salesforce, as well as Wordpress, HTML5, Microsoft Excel, and a host of others.

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