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Teach the Children Well
Panorama Education - recent moves and new hires don't follow the traditional ed tech playbook
Panorama co-founder and CEO Aaron Feuer.
Since moving from California to Boston last fall, Panorama Education, which uses and analyzes surveys to make schools, teachers, and education as a whole better, has strived to break the common ed tech startup mold by being a bit more like a traditional software startup or consumer tech company. That trend continues with some recent developments. Read More
Tech fauna -- a field guide
The seven species of innovators on the Boston tech scene
Field guide
These are boom times for the innovation economy in Boston and Cambridge. Venture capital firms and big companies are moving from the suburbs to scout deals and reel in young talent. Wannabe entrepreneurs are ditching stable jobs to go the startup route. Read More
Cutting through the noise
Video messaging startup Vsnap adds $1 million in funding
Vsnap CEO Dave McLaughlin with Christopher Swenor,
Vice President of Product and Technology.
At a moment when we're all burdened by unanswered e-mails, unlistened-to voicemails, and all kinds of alerts pinging our mobile phones, Vsnap founder Dave McLaughlin has a strong belief about the power of video: a personalized video message can cut through all the noise, he says. Read More
Crunch Dud
What if TechCrunch held a party in Boston... and nobody cared?
(image via Mike Schneider -@schneidermike)
Last night, TechCrunch held a meetup in Boston, but the focus of attendees was less on showing off to the visitors and more about catching up with each other. Judging by the small crowd and the relative disinterest to whatever TechCrunch writer Jordan Crook and East Coast editor John Biggs were doing onstage, nobody REALLY cared that representatives from the website were in town. In fact, it seemed that most present showed up to network and enjoy a night on the town with fellow tech folk. Read More