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Deja vu all over again
Driftt, out to improve collaboration on documents, collects $15 million
The Driftt team, from left: David Cancel, Marshall Moutenot, Alden Keefe Sampson, and Elias Torres.
So much happens in five years... In 2010, I covered the initial funding of a Cambridge startup called Performable, which was out to help websites hold on to more of their visitors. In 2015, those same two entrepreneurs are collecting capital for a new idea, Driftt, from the same venture capital firm that initially backed Performable, CRV. Between 2010 and 2015, they got acquired by HubSpot for $20 million, helped that company rebuild its digital marketing product and grow its software development team, and left in September 2014, just before HubSpot's IPO. Read More
May the (Work)Force Be With You
OnForce, a pioneer in the 'gig economy,' at the forefront of what's next
<a href="">Image 'closeup of a network hub' via Shutterstock</a>
Ten years ago, Lexington-based OnForce established itself as one of the first companies to take advantage of a shift in how organizations balanced in-house workforces and outside contractors needed for more specific and challenging tasks, often in the information technology field. Today, OnForce is at the crossroads of a generational shift in how workers and businesses connect amid a surge in freelance careers. Read More
Offshore entrepreneurs
Audio and pics from last week's Nantucket Conference: BOS + NYC
Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer and Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman, on stage at the conference.
The theme of last week's Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship & Innovation was "BOS + NYC," and the event brought together founders and venture capitalists from both cities. Thankfully, there wasn't too much sports trash talk, or comparisons of the startup scene in the two cities. Read More
Scandal or coincidence?
Charlie Baker brouhaha ignores the reality about General Catalyst

I’ve been covering General Catalyst Partners for three years now, and Charlie Baker’s name very rarely comes up. Baker, a Republican gubernatorial hopeful in Massachusetts, has seemed mostly focused on political ambitions and has been far from a prolific investor for the Cambridge-based venture capital firm (three investments in three years).

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orange is the new black
HubSpot moves closer to IPO

HubSpot appears to be inching closer to an initial public offering of stock. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday evening that the company has picked Morgan Stanley to work on the deal.

An IPO for the Cambridge marketing software firm is expected to take place this year, though the exact timing hasn’t been finalized, the Journal reported.

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