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Learning machines
MIT online course will teach you to design a robot that moves
Credit: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT
Walking, jumping, running robots like Big Dog and Atlas are equal parts amazing and terrifying. And look how they've grown: MIT's Cheetah bot, once a tethered machine on a treadmill, can now bound across an open field unchained. A few makers of the sophisticated moving robots that are starting to pop up in public more and more are going to be sharing their wisdom with the masses. Starting today, MIT's online course on moving robots is open for business. Read More
Shooting for the moon
Google X's Astro Teller: The big ideas will pay for themselves
Google X's Astro Teller spoke to MIT Technology Review editor-in-chief Jason Pontin.
Astro Teller, chief—no, Captain of Moonshots—at Google's secretive skunkworks shared some behind-the-scenes info about the Google's incubation zone for Really Crazy Ideas. It makes sense for Google to host X: big ideas come with big payoffs, he said in a conversation with Jason Pontin, editor in chief at MIT Technology Review, at the publication's annual EmTech MIT conference. Read More
Not Standing Pat
Robert Kraft helps local school program Breakthrough get Chromebooks
Barry Chin/Globe Staff
Breakthrough Greater Boston has been operating an out-of-school academic advancement program for underserved children in Cambridge since 1992, and more recently in Boston. As technology has been becoming ever more important in education, programs like Breakthrough have found it a challenge to offer students technologies that are standard at more well-funded private organizations. Read More
Institute of notoriety
The MIT ties to Google’s delivery drone program, White House CTO front-runner
With any major tech news, chances are you'll find a connection to MIT, whether or not it involves Boston. And that's the case with two of the tech stories circulating today — Google's disclosure of a program to use drones for deliveries, and the White House's top candidate for a new chief technology officer. Read More