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Tech fauna -- a field guide
The seven species of innovators on the Boston tech scene
Field guide
These are boom times for the innovation economy in Boston and Cambridge. Venture capital firms and big companies are moving from the suburbs to scout deals and reel in young talent. Wannabe entrepreneurs are ditching stable jobs to go the startup route. Read More
Weird medicine
Harvard lab building robot to harvest mosquito saliva (Yes, you read that right)
Yaroslav Tenzer, a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard's Biorobotics Lab, has been working on a machine that can behead mosquitos and extract their salivary glands.

Most people kill a mosquito with a violent swat of the hand, but Yaroslav Tenzer is much more methodical — and tender. He needs the tiny pest’s body intact so he can harvest its salivary glands.

Mosquito saliva is the key to a potential malaria vaccine and Tenzer, a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University’s Biorobotics Laboratory, has spent the last two years designing a machine that can very precisely behead an infected mosquito and gently squeeze its body to extract and collect its parasite-filled spit.

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And the winner is ...
Harvard Business School names New Venture Competition winners
Marcela Sapone delivered a winning pitch for Alfred at Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition.
There’s a good chance I just saw the next hot startup. Harvard Business School crowned the winners of its student New Venture Competition Tuesday night, awarding a total of $150,000 in prize money to four teams. You’ve probably never heard of Alfred, Saathi, Booya Fitness, or TomatoJos, but you’d be wise to learn the names. People weren’t familiar with Redbeacon, Potentia Pharmaceuticals, or NewLeaf Symbiotics before they were winners, either. Read More
Spotting a rocket
Harvard startup SpotRocket shows how Boston's hot tech firms rate nationally
The SpotRocket team. Top row (left to right): Cherian Kurien, Tim Chaves, Duncan Kauffman, Ross Porter.
Bottom row (left to right): Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Hann Yew. (Courtesy of company)
Gauging how well a startup is doing is a challenge for anyone — even investors get it wrong all the time. So you can imagine how tough it might be for a student just getting out of college and considering a job at a startup. A new startup from Harvard Business School students, SpotRocket, is working to make things a bit more transparent. Read More
The innovation destination
Innovation Diplomacy: World comes to Greater Boston to learn innovation from MIT
REAP logo pattern copy 2
By Fiona Murray and Phil Budden At a recent MIT gala dinner sixteen international teams (and many of Boston’s Consuls) assembled to learn about innovation: in an important sense, MIT became a diplomatic destination, and - as MIT Chancellor Grimson put it - truly the "world has come to Greater Boston" to learn about the practice of innovation at this world-class institution. Read More
'Uberification' continues
Harvard startup Boxxify aims to end missed package deliveries
The Boxxify team.  Front row is Mike Lloyd, Nimi Katragadda, and RJ Price.
Second row is Stephen Schleicher, Paul Moskowitz, and Bharat Kilaru. (Courtesy of the company)
As a guy who recently took a half-day off just so I’d be home for the delivery of my new smartphone, I’m intrigued by a new Harvard Business School startup, Boxxify.com, which plans to bring package delivery into the on-demand era. Starting April 15 in Boston, the startup plans to debut a service that will personally handle and sign for your packages, and then deliver them to your doorstep — by appointment — between the hours of 7 p.m. and midnight. Read More