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RunKeeper rallies its runners for #118forBoston
On March 1st, RunKeeper began a new initiative to get more people out and running and to honor what is going to be a very special Boston Marathon this year. With its #118forBoston campaign, the company is hoping to be able to track over 118 million miles of workout activity from its users up to the day of the 118th Boston Marathon. Read More
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Why Boston can be glad WhatsApp wasn't built here
Courtesy of WhatsApp
Boston’s tech community should see something of a silver lining in the fact it hasn’t had a blockbuster acquisition in the vein of WhatsApp or Instagram. Instagram existed for less than two years before being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp for four years. Their astonishing stories — maybe you've heard they fetched $1 billion and $19 billion, respectively, after their short time in business  — would seem an all-positive for a tech community. I’m not so sure. Read More