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Net neutrality
Should the feds regulate the Web? Let the debate begin

Plenty of people inside and outside the tech industry want the Internet to remain “neutral” — believing that content companies shouldn’t be allowed to get preferential treatment for a fee.

But a proposal for how to keep net neutrality intact may be controversial, too. Today, the head of the Federal Communications Commission said the government may need to bring regulation to Internet service providers in order to preserve a "free and open Internet."

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System Errors
Throwing money and people at health insurance site, Massachusetts yet again embraces the mythical man-month
Throwing a lot of people at a construction project often helps; with software, it oftens just slows things down. (Bureau of Reclamation; Ben Glaha, photographer)
Within  developer management circles, mention of the "Mythical Man-Month" draws knowing nods from anyone who has ever tackled even a moderate-sized project that ran late: It's the concept that throwing more money and people at a project generally just makes it later. But throwing more — more people, more money, more time — at projects seems to be the marching orders when it comes to the state's moderately ambitious technical projects. Read More