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A good day if you're a patent troll
Looks like patent reform — specifically, a bill to curb the frivolous lawsuits from "patent trolls" — has died in the US Senate. Some good coverage on GigaOm and Re/code. More from us on the topic tomorrow morning. Discuss
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Eliminating noncompetes may hurt the Commonwealth

There are a few things that Boston's startup community generally agrees on: The need for late night T service, investors are too stingy, and non-competes hurt innovation and should be banned. Shepard Davidson, a partner at law firm Burns & Levinson, has litigated to enforce non-competes, and shares why he thinks they should get a second look.

Last month Gov. Deval Patrick formally called for the elimination of noncompete agreements as part of a bill called An Act to Promote Growth and Opportunity. The Governor's proposal, and the rallying cry of its various supporters, is firmly based on the premise that noncompete agreements have a negative impact on Massachusetts workers, technological innovation, and the Commonwealth's economy. Read More
Tech tiff
It's Akamai versus the rest of the tech industry in US Supreme Court patent case

In a case closely watched by the high-tech and life sciences industries, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday in a long-running patent dispute between Web content delivery firm Akamai Technologies Inc. of Cambridge and rival Limelight Networks Inc. of Arizona.

The case has pitted Akamai against a coalition of tech industry power players, led by Google Inc., who are supporting Limelight amid a fear that a win for Akamai would lead to a surge in frivolous patent lawsuits and increase their legal costs.

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