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Where the Beer Flows Like Wine
For Boston tech companies, beer is culture builder and recruiting tool
Beer Taps
Good talent is at such a premium for Boston tech companies, especially for those startups looking for experienced design, engineering, and development folks, that many resort to various gimmicks and enticements to attract that coveted "new hire." While the good old fashioned, "Let's throw buckets full of money at this techie"  practice is still alive and well, some startups (especially early stage ones) can't afford that approach. So they get creative. A lot of companies have found that there is no easier way to win the hearts and minds of prospective employees (and to delight current hardworking startup-ers) than with rivers and rivers of sweet, ice cold beer.  Read More
Rising stars
The top-funded Techstars Boston startups
Most startup portfolios, at least the good ones, have a few companies that go farther and grow bigger than the others. So it is with Techstars, the startup accelerator and investment vehicle that launched in Boston in 2009. Since then the program has run seven sessions, the latest of which concluded last week. Read More
Top dollar
The 10 largest Boston VC deals of February
Mark Levin, a partner of Third Rock Ventures
Boston’s top venture capital hauls in February went to companies tackling Parkinson’s disease, cybersecurity, and personal health monitoring. Here are the 10 largest Boston-area VC deals I came across during the month. Read More