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Mud, sweat, beer ... and photos
Tough enough for Warrior Dash? Startup Gameface Media offers free photographic proof
gameface media
If I ever suspend my sanity long enough to enter a Warrior Dash, there’s one thing I will absolutely need: a photo of my mud-caked self in action, to show everyone I know just how badass I am. Now, I can get one for free — a professional one, not a smartphone one — thanks to a Boston startup called Gameface Media, which just signed a deal with the obstacle course series. Read More
TD Garden unveils mobile app for business networking at games
The new TD Garden Business Network is designed to facilitate impromptu business meetings during arena events.
The Boston Bruins postseason is fast approaching, but in local business circles, the playoffs might as well be called schmooze season. As the hockey team tries to win the Stanley Cup, companies will try to win new accounts while entertaining prospective clients at TD Garden. Now, the arena is making a new effort to grease the skids with the launch of the TD Garden Business Network, an exclusive social media club designed to get corporate leaders shaking hands and discussing deals during Garden events. Read More
Red Sox partner with Sapient to make high-tech appeal to young fans
Sapient aims to help the Red Sox increase fan engagement with digital tools like the HypeMeter that it created for ESPN's coverage of the X Games.
The Red Sox have among the most passionate followers in the sporting world. There’s just one problem: They’re getting old. As the team opens another season at Fenway Park on Friday, it is also launching a new effort to increase fan engagement through digital channels, including social media and streaming video, with an eye toward adding younger members to Red Sox Nation, both kids and young adults alike who may be more facile with a smartphone than a baseball bat. Read More
MarketMeSuite CEO dishes inside scoop on new Constant Contact InnoLoft accelerator
MarketMeSuite chief executive Tammy Kahn Fennell said her company's time at Constant Contact "has given us a load of ideas."
The organizers of new accelerators always make their programs sound awesome, but how can you know whether they’re really worth the time? In the case of Constant Contact’s Small Business Innovation Loft, you can talk to a secret alumna who went through the program before it officially existed. Read More