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IPO implications?
HubSpot's head of product and VP of engineering will depart in September
HubSpot chief product officer David Cancel, in one of the Cambridge company's conference rooms. Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston.
Big news being announced this afternoon at HubSpot, the digital marketing startup widely regarded to be on the verge of an initial public offering: David Cancel, the Cambridge company's chief product officer, plans to leave in September, along with Elias Torres, an engineering vice president. The duo joined HubSpot in 2011, when HubSpot paid $20 million for their 20-person startup, Performable, in its biggest acquisition to date. Read More
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Rita's Career Corner
Why you need a marketing plan - for YOU
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Contributed article by career management/talent management consultant and executive coach Rita B. Allen.      Don't view marketing yourself as a task, but as a required skill in taking charge of your career and executing a successful career management strategy. It requires us to know how we set ourselves apart, what we have to offer, and what exactly it is that we want to market. Read More