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Boston's Innovation History
126 years ago today, Boston launched the first electric street car

Jan. 1, 1889 -- Just over a century and a quarter ago, Boston and New York had themselves a choice to make: clean up their respective crowded, stinking, horse-jammed roadways with cable-based transit technology a la San Francisco, soot-belching steam trains like London's, or go for broke with comparatively untested newfangled electric railways popping up in small experimental models around the country?

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trainspotting today
Real-time phone and smartwatch MBTA tracker apps win at 'Late Night T' hackathon
FuzzMap, a real-time tracker of buses and MBTA carriages in Boston, was a winner at the Late Night T hackathon held last week.
A hackathon organized by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the MBTA, and MassTech jump-started the development of a new crop of apps for public transit in Greater Boston. The results, presented in Cambridge last week, included a tracker for the Pebble smartwatch and a real-time subway tracker for the Windows phone.  Read More
all ears
OtoSense is an app that hears and learns the sounds of the world
From wailing fire engines to the piercing shrill of smoke alarms, sounds are often the first to warn us of trouble. OtoSense, a new app in the Google Play store, aims to recognize and translate these sounds and others for people with hearing loss, converting them into vibrations, flashes, and other cues that they can see or feel. Read More
iPhone Charlie
MBTA wireless: One of the largest end-to-end systems is getting even better
Alexandria, Va.-based InSite Wireless, which is currently performing the installation of wireless service on the MBTA, recently announced that they have partnered with all the major wireless providers — Sprint, AT&T, Verizon,T-Mobile, and Comcast (for WiFi) — on the project so that all mobile users will have access to the Internet and phone services while riding the T. Read More