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Size matters
Nanomedicine promises better implants for Gronk and the rest of us
Tom Webster is working on surgical implants that speed healing and reduce infection at his nanomedicine lab.

When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski missed the first six games of last season because of a forearm injury, what kept him off the field was not the broken bone he suffered months earlier but rather a persistent infection where he received a metal plate to help repair his arm.

Tom Webster, a chemical engineer at Northeastern University, believes Gronkowski might have avoided infection and returned to action faster if the plate had been made of a new kind of material in development at his nanomedicine laboratory.

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How Partners HealthCare encourages employees to innovate in one word: Money
I just got some good advice from Salesforce president Keith Block about how a large company can innovate like a startup. But there’s one strategy he forgot: cash. Partners HealthCare has started cutting $50,000 checks to employees who come up with creative new treatment ideas that could be commercially viable. The awards must be used to fund projects and are part of the health care network’s Innovation Development Grant program, unveiled Thursday. Read More