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Foodie Delivery Service
Do we need another delivery app? Caviar aims to bring Boston's best food right to you
Image via Caviar
Oh to think back to the days of yore! If I was sitting on my couch watching the 2013 MLB All-Star Game and got a hankering for a burrito from Anna's Tacqueria, maybe a six pack of ice-cold Corona, or, for some reason, an order of "Pan Roasted New England Cod" from Stephi's on Tremont, I'd have to get my butt out the door and (I can't believe I'm typing this) actually go to a restaurant or store to fulfill my craving. Read More
Twitter's Answer
With Crashlytics Answers, Twitter gets deeper into the realm of mobile app development
A little more than a month ago, after remaining quiet after its acquisition by Twitter for over a year, Crashlytics launched its second product, Beta. Today, hot on the heels of that product release, Crashlytics is announcing the deployment of another new product, Answers by Crashlytics. Read More
True Blue
In an ever-growing delivery app sector, Favor looks to stand out by enchanting users
Favor Runner
Instacart. Drizly. Postmates. Uber. Amazon. The field for creating a faster, more reliable, and all-encompassing online delivery service keeps getting more crowded and more competitive. So how do you differentiate yourself in a world where a six pack of 'Gansett can be delivered to the office within the hour and books or sneakers can appear on your doorstep the same day you order them? Read More
Don't fear the Beer
Do "vice" startups face an uphill climb? Drizly's investors don't think so
'Businessman, angel, and devil' via Shutterstock
Alcohol delivery company Drizly has been busy in the first half of the year. Raising $4.8 million and expanding its services (from Boston to Manhattan and Brooklyn to Chicago and Los Angeles) is as an impressive 2014 resume as any local startup. Read More
California Love
Drizly alcohol delivery service lands in LA
(PRNewsFoto/Drizly, Inc.)
Since launching in Boston last year, Drizly, the alcohol delivery app, has expanded its services to Manhattan and Brooklyn, and, just last week, to Chicago and the Hamptons as well.   Last week, the company also announced that it had raised $2.5 million to complete a $4.8 million seed round on funding. Part of that announcement was the news that Drizly was targeting Los Angeles as the next location that it wanted to launch its service. Read More