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A Tale of Two Cities
At LAUNCH Beacon, the Boston/New York tech pipeline is becoming a reality
An event with location technology at its heart seems like an odd place for two of the nation's premier technology locations, often pitted against one another in competition, to come together. But that's just what happened on Monday outside of Union Square in New York City at the East Coast incarnation of Jason Calacanis's LAUNCH conference. Read More
WePay it forward
How WePay inspired innovation at Boston College
bc commencement
The Boston College business majors who graduated Monday were high school seniors in December 2009 when WePay, the popular payments API company founded by BC alums, raised $1.7 million in a series A venture round. The startup’s continued success — contracts with big-name firms like and GoFundMe, plus another $32.5 million in funding — is a good reason why members of this year’s class will likely be more entrepreneurial than their predecessors. Read More