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A lot of news today from Apple, but few were probably paying as close attention as RunKeeper, whose health graph strategy seemed to be going up against toe-to-toe against  Apple's newly announced HealthKit. If Cupertino's moves are raising founder Jason Jacob's pulse rate, he's not showing it. He emailed Dennis Keohane:
It is great to see a powerhouse like Apple is getting involved, and starting to bring some of the other key players in the ecosystem (doctors, EMRs, etc) into the discussion.  This is exactly where things need to be heading, and with our continued laser focus on the direct-to-consumer side, having big partners like Apple start to tie the other pieces together will be a helpful enabler of our efforts.  We are excited for RunKeeper and Breeze users to be able to tie in their data with HealthKit soon!
A funding explosion?
Who stands to benefit from a new Spark growth fund
Earlier, Kyle Alspach reported that Spark Capital is looking to raise a $375 million growth venture capital fund. While Spark is best known for being an early investor in companies like Twitter, Oculus, and Tumblr, word of a growth fund to help invest in companies that already have traction and are looking scale is great news to a few companies in Spark's portfolio. Read More
On pace
WalkJogRun, a more accurate app from the guy who invented run tracking
(Kari Bodnarchuk for the Boston Globe)
When Adam Howitt decided to run his long road race, the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta in 2002, he wanted to make sure to optimize his training regimen. However, the only way to figure out the certain distances he needed to run was to drive routes in his car and track the distance on his odometer. As a programmer with a couple of decades of experience, he figured he could come up with an easier, more accurate way to track his distance runs. Read More
Next steps
RunKeeper launches 'life tracking' app Breeze to make Fitbit irrelevant
(Courtesy of RunKeeper)
Boston’s RunKeeper today debuts a new mobile app that aims to help motivate you to move yourself even when you’re not working out. While the idea is simple — a step counter paired with well-timed push notifications to help you hit daily goals — the company aspires to make wearables from the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone no longer necessary. Read More
April is the Cruellest Month
Kayak for Toilets? Runkeeper from Southie? Boston tech takes on April Fools' Day
T.S. Eliot famously began one of his most famous poems, The Wasteland, with the lines, "April is the cruellest month..." referring to the emotional weight of the life/death cycle as winter morphs into spring. Today, April 1, can also be a bit cruel to many unsuspecting and unwary media types and Internet talking heads who often fall for the outrageous pranks of tech companies on what is becoming a bit of tech national holiday, April Fools' Day. Read More
Sunday Runday
Big weekend for RunKeeper's #118forBoston
Runkeeper Runday
RunKeeper is looking to get innovative with its push to get more people out and running (and using RunKeeper) in the lead-up to this year's Boston Marathon. On Sunday, the company will be holding a first ever #SundayRunday to get its entire user base to complete an activity in unison (or as close to running together as is possible). Read More