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Read, Set, Drive
Department of Transportation getting ready to disrupt the way you drive
Department of Transportation
A new publication by the Department of Transportation outlines how Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology can help cut down on accidents — and possibly pave the way for self-driving cars. The study indicates new regulations requiring the technology, which combines GPS with short-wave radio communications, could come as soon as 2020. Read More
Bridj to somewhere
More routes are coming for pop-up bus service Bridj: Taryn Luna reports that the Cambridge startup plans to launch a "full-blown transit service" in the area on Oct. 1. The service aims to use data to adjust to individuals’ commuting needs, and has been testing routes covering neighborhoods including Boston's Financial District, Cambridge's Kendall Square, and Brookline's Coolidge Corner. The company intends to serve as a sort of middle ground between MBTA service and Uber. Discuss
Parking Impasse
Former city council president Mike Ross backs Haystack parking scalping app
michael ross
While Mayor Martin J. Walsh came out hard against Haystack, the parking app that lets users "sell" access to parking spaces they're leaving, the company has found one prominent local ally who sees nothing but upside: Mike Ross, a former City Council president and mayoral candidate, and a regular Globe contributor. Read More
Sharing economy
Mayor Walsh issues statement about parking apps the day of Haystack's Boston launch
Haystack, an app that allows users to hand off parking spaces that they occupy for a $3 fee, planned its launch today in Boston despite the fact that the City of Boston is none too pleased that the company is selling a good that they don't actually own. (See update below.) Read More